Windows Phone 8 Torrent App

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Windows Phone 8 Torrent App

Finally, for all the Windows Phone users who been waiting for a torrent app, your wish is granted. Though not an official app, wpTorrent is the unofficial app for Windows Phone with full functionality.

Consider this very close to the desktop client. The App is out of Beta Now and is available as Free and Pro version. Previously it was in testing and was on the wpcentral forum by wptorrent user. We will get you the details but before that, lets check out the list of features along with a video demo: General: • Download multiple torrents categorized into Downloading, Completed and All. • Pause & Resume all the torrents • Details such as Peer count, download and upload, File Hash, Size, status, seeders, percentage of upload and download.

• If it’s a zip file you can see individual file and download of each of those files. • Option to Pause and Resume individual torrents, Remove Torrents, Remove along with data and recheck.

• You can either enter a direct torrent link to start downloading or set up a search engine to search and then download. • When you setup a search engine, there is a option to grab the magnet link for initiating the download.

Settings: • Download in background • Download when screen is locked • Start downloading torrents when the app launches. • Download only over WiFi. • Download only when battery >10%. This can be changed from 10 to when charging only. • Shutdown when the downloads are complete. • Shutdown when conditions are not met i.e. Low battery and critical condition.

• Set Download and upload limits. • Set maximum simultaneous downloads.

Windows Phone 8 Torrent App

• Set max number of seedings • Set port or choose a random port. I haven’t checked but I am assuming that you wont be able to export any media file like video out of this. Also the impact on the storage has to be measured even though the app has provision to delete the torrents along with the downloaded files. Update: To export files from wptorrent app, you will get an address from the app itself which if you connect over local wifi can be accessed from your browser. Then you can download the files on your computer. • Look for Folder icon in the menu bar.

• Tap and it will show your folders where all files are downloaded. • In the same scree, look for Share Icon. There are two here, one is music and other is share. • Tap on share and you should get URL for access the folders.

In case the message says “file sharing is stopped”, tap share again and you should see the message again. Video Demo: Download Like I said in the starting, there are two version of the app in the store.

Free version is ad supported and download speed is limited to 200KB/s while the pro version is one time $ 3.99 with no adverts and no limitation on any of the features. Strongly suggest you to download the free version and see if you really need the pro and then go ahead with your decision.

Crysis Rygel Texture Mod Installieren more. Torrent App for Windows Phone -- wpTorrent is a complete client and very close to uTorrent Experience on Desktop. The files can be downloaded on PC over local WIFI.