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Good lord, I was aggro this morning. I almost purposely bumped into a car who had parked me in.

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I knew it was naughty but I was like “they deserve it for parking me in, not everyone has power steering”. Then at the coffee shop there were two dudes blocking the doorway (at peak hour, 9.00am).

Web Tarot 1 33 Crackberry

I literally barged into one on purpose cos I was like “he deserves it for blocking the door at peak hour”. When I was a couple of metres past him I reflected and thought, “jeez i am a psycho perhaps that’s that mars saturn thing mystic was talking about damn, why can’t i stop myself in time” Now I’m just sleepy. Does that mean it has lifted?? TA, you have an entitlement to paid child support. Bring an action in either the Federal Magistrates’ Court or the Family Court.

(You can easily fill out the forms yourself. You don’t need to pay for a lawyer.) If you want help try Ms_Motown at Hotmail. Even if his “income” is not legit, you can still argue from the basis of your limited family income.

Web Tarot 1 33 Crackberry

You should aslo be getting a small payment a week (about $95 per child) from Centrelink(Family Allowance). This is based on your income. It is outrageous that he is not providing you with financial support. No more Ms “Nice-Guy”; become Ms “Ball-Breaker”. Yes, you are truly a Magic-Mamma and I’m full of admiration for you. But, enough is enough! He should be helping you out financially.

From your friendly astro-lawyer xx. Thanks Ms Motown, appreciate the offer of help. I had one of Adelaide’s top law firms, including a QC, on the case a few years back, and I still managed to end up with nothing on a technicality (involving overseas assets etc).

Of course as soon as the final orders were signed he bought a house and has continued to live like a free man ever since – overseas holidays, designer clothes, socialising like a Leo;). I’ve grown used to it but only this week realised that I’ve managed to trick myself out of letting it upset me, but never dealt with my anger. Its like ‘well he’s a crap person and that’s never going to change, so what’s the point of expecting any different’ but when the chips are down and I realise I am forty, own nothing, and have 100% responsibility for five children while these ‘dads’ get to show up and play I really neeeeeeeed to get this anger OUT.

Unfortunately the ‘ball breaker’ approach hasn’t ever worked for me – this just reinforces the dad’s perception of me as a Witch and gives them more reason to treat me like crap. But mediation has been organised and I look forward to hearing DLE’s reasons/excuses for not supporting the children who he claims to ‘love’ and ‘want what’s best’ for. Rant over 😉. Gaawd TA – sending support.

I too have a tight fisted ex with whom I have to fight for every cent. He won’t pay for extras or school fees yet his Leo rising ensures he’s always there for the payoffs of kids success – pisses me off so badly- i have to disengage from the rage. Legals underway and it doesn’t look good for him. My Merc in Virgo is precise at deets and he’s a neptuny scorp (albeit a rich one) with unopened mail and no filing system etc. I remember you saying something about a Uranus transit that you hadn’t felt – cud this be it?? Get angry, get it OUT and fight him.

Who cares if thinks you’re a witch? Witch is good. Just get what you are legally entitled to. Yes TA, beat the shit out of somethingGo girl. Okay, in my deepest rage, did not physically touch anyone, but a black panther did come to me in a vision and I ran the streets late one night, in and out of the shadows, and got in touch with my power and I knew that if I chose, I could rip the face off of anyone who dared cross me with just the casual swipe of one paw Sometimes you just gotta FEEL IT and that’s enough, no? And then take practical action as it sounds you’re doing. Good luck Dollxo.

Have been ill lately and trying to do it all. Today I had busy schedule and ended up taking Nurofen plus on sister’s advice and had a major reaction – ie – tachycardia, shakes, sweats followed by extreme fatigue and slurring of speech (no alcohol/drugs invlvd). Had had belated b’day lunch with sis who advised N+ for my extreme neck pain (no alcohol lunch – vege meal with mineral water!). Picked up Nurofen+ on way home from cut-short lunch due to neck pain and then had “episode”. Pharmacist and doctor said I must be susceptible to the strong codeine in N+. Advised no driving and not to take again. Thank goddess for friends.

Kids taken care of tonight (sleepovers) much to their delight (public hol here tomorrow). Have slept for hours and now feel ok again. Dr said N+ really addictive – am surprised as available over counter no? Susceptibility may just be my fish rising. Hey feelers – am feeling you on the non druggo thingo!!

Get heart pulps, sweats & spaz out on Codeine or (gasp) those pyseudo eff stuff. Week 3 swine flu here, but on the flip side. Yep LOVED the family come to stay (3 wknds), but shared residue kept me bed-bound or head fuqd since!! Just slept it out. Close gfrnd’s on Tamilflu (sp?) – which I missheard as ‘Camelflu’thinking some new strain.she reckons is making her more sick than the OINK flu! Also have fish riser.but no chance N+ gets taken, unless dislocate shoulder (etc) snowboarding & not in reach of med care.

Ideally, the organic green herb would suffice for waking hours, pill bomb to sleep 😉 enjoy yr break. Being sick / in pain sux!!

Thanks guys – that’s why i love this site – all the support AND MM’s fabulous astro insights and funny stories. Have to say neck pain back with a vengence today – but I don’t have to be anywhere – heat pack and regular nurofen. Doc said orthopods advise reg nurofen and valium for pain as the N+ so addictive. Will drag myself to physio tomorrow if still there. What would Louise Hays take on this be – someone being a pain in the neck 😕 rlp – 3 weeks of swineflu??? Ex and daughter had it for @ 7 days.; strangely son and I didnt catch it. Sister had it and took Tamiflu – she was the worst and ended up with pneumonia.

Better now with antibiotics. Take your time getting back into swing – that was sis’s problem, she can’t help herself she has trouble sitting still. Feelers – am intuiting neck pain is chiro or osteo fixit – avec acupuncture (if on the turbo mend mode).

Re OINKAGE – family kept giving it to me. Each time nephew got it he crawled into bed with me wheezing & miserable wanting love. The perpetual hospital case. My poor sis endured 4yr old son getting adrenalin shots taking him from out cold to bouncing off walls. Wish I had wine flu.

So no complaints. All but repaired now. Rather 1 month vacation than 1 month in sicksville!! Where are you based? Can share neck guru repair crew should you be localized – pain sux – lotsalove!! FF dear Louise says it’s, ‘refusing to see other sides of a question.Stubborness,inflexibility.’ Not sure if that ‘helps’ you at allmaybe?

Download Lagu Sayang Apa Kabar Denganmu Shae. When I have neck problems I’m not exactly up for the mental acrobatics it may take to see ANY question (let alone other sides) except when will this stop fricking hurting. So it’s a bit catch22.

I like intervention, as rlp suggestedfrom someone skilled to help me get some flexibility back.in other words ‘sure body/mind I’ll start looking at other sides of a question, and yes this pain has my attention now, lets just all work together to get some ease.’. LL i did look it up in her book after i mused here yesterday. At first i didn’t get it re the stubborness etc. But then have had massive dreaming invlving exhb. After talking to brilliant Sagg gf who had the best insights into my dreams the inflexibility thing resonates re own intrapsychic inflexibility in incorporating aspects of self.

Best description would the story of Vasilisa in Nosing Out the Facts in Women Who Run with the Wolves. Synchronicity abounds as she was reading that chapter just before we spoke and my therapist had photocopied pages from that story and highlighted bits she thought were my “issues” so to speak. Lots to think about 😕. RLP I totally agree with the self obsessed rudeness of the one liner Blackberry reply.

Its like they don’t really have time to communicate with you properly or, as you say, answer the bloody question, so you get some flip off line that is more annoying than no reply. It makes me feel like they are too busy doing something else important (driving, eating, at a conference) to give a response their proper attention yet somehow they just can’t cope with their mobile phone/email addiction to leave it until they DO have enough time to respond properly. So our well intentioned message/question satiates their addiction to continually check for incoming but it gets no actual THOUGHT let alone MANNERS in reply. I am giving up on electronic comms with the Blackberry brigade. I might just resort to old skool letters for them you know, on actual paper with a stamp. Scorp bot, I’m trying very hard not to feel prima donna-ish about thisit is possible that something dire happenedit’s just I have this feeling(scorp moon sonar?) that she overloads herself partly because she likes the pace and then has had someone else plead/request assistance and I’ve dropped off the radaras it’s ‘only drinks’and on one level it is only drinksI just don’t like being taken for granted. Also I find that if someone tells me they’re terribly busy, I empathise and don’t try to connect as I figure they’ve got a full plate.

I’m more pissed because she was the one who said hey let’s do those drinks we’ve talked aboutwednesday etcand thentext half an hour before to cancel out. PROWLERS – encephalitis IS closest symptomatics! Did phase #1 (pretend not sick – self diagnosis = temp chronic fatigue). Performed normal duty thru that phase.

Then #2 THE SLAM = 3 day coma. W residual recoup. After that is akin to Saturn Return or Pluto transit or something. Think its over. On yr arse again.

Enter phase #3. Still has me. Being used to operating at 200%, 45% output don’t cut it. Residual head fugs etc. Late July, Australian Health Authority predicted 10% of (state) NSW workforce wld go OINK down/out by September.

Aussies did what we did w GFC / Recession ( & indigenous SORRY issues.) – Ah that isnt there, so lets get back to out own life.etcs – until it affects us directly. Sleep it off, & mend xox. Sun 09° Capricorn 56' 05' Moon 16° Gemini 14' 32' Mercury 17° Sagittarius 25' 27' Venus 07° Capricorn 48' 59' Mars 13° Scorpio 48' 59' Jupiter 16° Scorpio 50' 24' Saturn 01° Capricorn 19' 28' Uranus 24° Aries 34' 20' R Neptune 11° Pisces 53' 32' Pluto 18° Capricorn 45' 36' Chiron 24° Pisces 37' 43' TrueNode 15° Leo 24' 09' R © Copyright 2017 Mystic Medusa. Mystic Medusa does NOT use advertiser cookies as we do not serve advertisements. We are supported by our sensational Mega Mystic members. Nor do we feature promoted posts or affiliated links. Please do not email with any such offer, thank you.

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