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High-quality programs for every interest. Stellar faculty who also practice in their fields. Clinical experiences second to none. Active engagement with world-renowned experts and health care resources. Research and scholarly activity that are leading the nursing discipline forward with evidence-based education and patient care. It's no wonder Vanderbilt University School of Nursing is ranked as the #15 graduate school of nursing, according to U.S.

News and World Report. Ask students what makes our School of Nursing special, and you’re likely to get additional insights.

The Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Vanderbilt is built upon our internationally recognized programs in advanced nursing practice. It is designed for nurses.

Vanderbilt Pars Program VanderbiltVanderbilt Pars Program Vanderbilt

Some say it’s the exposure you get to vast diversity of thought and experience, among both our faculty and our students. Our School of Nursing is a place where a variety of practice specialties, entry options, clinical experiences, degree programs, research initiatives, and people with many ideas, perspectives, and background create the learning environment. Others say it’s our commitment to embracing change and using technology and advanced nursing informatics to deliver superior teaching and patient care. Some really like the beauty of the Vanderbilt campus, while many thrive on the health care hub that surrounds us and all that Nashville has to offer. One distinction most will agree on is our unique ability to bridge tradition and innovation in new ways – always pushing the envelope of care but never forgetting the patient at the center. It’s a unique combination that will better prepare you for practicetoday and always.

Vanderbilt University School of Nursing was one of the first schools to place nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses in collaborative practices with physicians and within agencies. Vanderbilt also offers multiple entry options into the School of Nursing, including the “bridge” program that has served as a model for schools around the country. Vanderbilt is a leader in technological innovation with our state-of-the-art nursing informatics lab, application of evolving technologies such as patient simulators in the classroom and PDAs at patients’ bedsides. Vanderbilt School of Nursing offers an extensive nurse faculty practice network of owned and affiliated clinics within the community and has collaborative nursing programs with entities around the world. What’s more, Vanderbilt University Medical Center is ranked among the foremost in the country. And, located a little more than a mile from downtown, Vanderbilt’s campus is known for natural beauty that’s nestled in the midst of a bustling, cosmopolitan city. Follow these links for more information about all that makes Vanderbilt School of Nursing the best.

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Promoting Professionalism — December 1 & 2 in Nashville, TN: This course will take place in the heart of downtown Nashville at the Omni Hotel. Free Windows Vista Home Basic Iso Ita Download Chrome. Promoting Professionalism will equip you with the skills necessary to address behaviors that undermine a culture of safety. You'll learn how to identify and navigate the essential elements necessary to make a change: the right people, processes, and systems. With over 20 years of research conducted on this topic, our internationally recognized faculty will provide tactics for attendees who wish to implement these tools in their own organizations to make healthcare kinder, safer and more reliable.

To book your room at the Omni, or for additional information please contact Madison Hartstein. Hickson and Dr. Cooper will be conducting a workshop at the 29th annual Institute for Healthcare Improvement National Forum, December 10-13.

Join us as we reveal how Addressing Professionals Who Fail to Self-Regulate will contribute to improving safety and reliability in healthcare. Dealing with Difficult Patients and Families • Dealing with Difficult Patients and Families. See a patient on your schedule and inwardly groan?

Hesitate before going into a room because you know the patient's dysfunctional family is there? Dealing with difficult patients and families is not easy. This case based program weighs practical options and considerations for consistently, professionally, and ethically handling difficult patients and/or family members.

The pros and cons of five approaches are discussed, and a graduated intervention model is suggested as one means for maintaining boundaries while managing the therapeutic relationship. Click to request Additional Information. Identifying and Intervening on High- Malpractice-Risk Professionals • Identifying and Intervening on High- Malpractice-Risk Professionals.

Malpractice risk is a concern of hospitals, medical centers, and healthcare professionals. Is there a way to reliably identify and address healthcare professionals at high risk?

CPPA research reveals that unsolicited patient complaints provide a data source that can be used to identify physicians, other professionals, and service units with greater levels of risk. This program describes a peer-led, stepwise intervention model designed to make high-risk colleagues aware of their risk status and help healthcare leaders identify and address recurring sources of patient dissatisfaction that drive unnecessary risk. Click to request Additional Information. Disseminating a Safety Strategy • Disseminating a Safety Strategy: Strategies and Incentives for Improving Quality and Reducing Risk. Establishing opportunities and incentives for improving quality and reducing risk requires vision, commitment, a plan, and incentives. Learn how Vanderbilt became more proactive in these areas and as a result moved to number one in their communities choice of hospital.

How do you embed a safety strategy in your organization? Recruiting appropriate champions, ensuring institution-wide incorporation, training trainers, program certification and assessment, and incentives (malpractice insurance rebates) will be discussed in light of the Vanderbilt safety strategy initiative. Lessons learned are presented, and a tool for culture change/initiative adoption provided. Click to request Additional Information. Customizable Programs • Customize a Program for your Organization.

We would be happy to discuss with you how we can meet the program needs of your organization. We can tailor an existing program for your organization by, for example, emphasizing specific points and using local examples and cases. Additionally, we would be happy to explore creating new programs directed to your audience that are within our scope of expertise. Please let us know what you need or are envisioning for your organization, and we will contact you. Click to request Additional Information.