The Maze Of The Kings Pc Games

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Maze game is a video game genre description first used by journalists during the 1980s to describe any game in which the entire. PC-Man, Orion, IBM PC; Pengo, Sega. Maze King APK 1.3.8 for Android. Download Maze King APK for PC. Play Maze King on pc with KOPLAYER Android Emulator. Maze King for PC free download.

Dexterity and coordination game: Dexterity games involve exercising your fine motor skills, and in this case, the synchronization of your hands and fingers with your eyes. Some players will find this task very difficult but the fun is in simply playing the game to help test, exercise and improve your fine motor skills.

The Maze Of The Kings Pc Games

1-2-3 Game is a challenging, highly interactive, 'ball-in-a-maze' dexterity-based online puzzle (for kids and family members of all ages) where you must carefully maneuver a bouncy green ball through a large maze grid – avoiding the many black holes as you progress. In this classic-style maze game (based on the iconic wooden puzzles invented in the 1800s), as well as dodging and weaving the ball around the treacherous field of potholes, you should try to complete the maze as quickly as possible (The clock is ticking!).

However, a cool head, very steady finger work, tenacity and stamina are all really important attributes required here if you want to succeed. Pick and Dig Episode 2 is a fun platform-style arcade maze game for children & Big Kids. Play the role of a little pink action character and show off your survival instincts by climbing ladders, demolishing walls and digging your way past obstacles to victory. Set new records and collect badges of honor as you soar through the levels (This funny puzzle game gets more challenging with every level). Compare your scores with your friends but beware of the killer caterpillars and burning rocks as you will have to start that level again! Happy picking & digging! Melvin's Run is a challenging, maze-based, programming-themed puzzle game for kids and teens where you must guide Melvin and his robot Blix to the exit in each level.

Melvin can be maneuvered easily around the game area using your arrow keys, but Blix, the robot, must be carefully programmed with specific instructions regarding where exactly to go before each 'run'. You must give Blix basic commands (turn left, right, jump, etc), set him on his way, and hope that he makes it through the maze unscathed! Background info: Melvin is a genius programmer that has been imprisoned on the 15th floor of the ToolCorp Headquarters. He needs your help in programming Blix so that the two of them can escape for once and for all!

This tricky, interactive problem-solving brain teaser and analytical thinking skills game should prove a good fun activity for budding computer whizzes, and for any gamers who simply enjoy the novelty of giving specific programming instructions to their characters (Rather than just moving them manually with the Arrow Keys). Your creative engineering and strategy skills, and sheer determination to succeed are truly tested here. Ok Tech Master, let's see if you can guide this dynamic duo to safety!

Trapped Ball is a challenging, hand-eye coordination skills-based maze game for kids, adults & seniors where you must guide a heavy yellow ball through a series of treacherous, obstacle-filled mazes. Reaching the Exit Portal in each level is made difficult by the tricky labyrinth-like environment, outer walls with spikes, constantly-moving enemies, and more unusual hindrances. This tricky maze adventure puzzle requires good observation and visual perception skills, slick keyboard control and excellent timing; deciding when exactly to move your ball! Patience and great determination are also essential attributes required here. You don't have to complete each level at a hectic pace! Keeping it simple, slow and steady often wins the race! Sneakily guide an orange ball to escape past a vast array of moving security cameras and ‘guards’ in this extremely-challenging skill and stealth-based strategy game: Security 2 is an incredibly-tricky yet addicting reactions and timing-based puzzle game where you must maneuver a small orange ball through confined mazes filled with sweeping security cameras and blue ball ‘security officers’.

The catch is that these baddies zap your orange hero when it comes into their line of sight, so you must cleverly figure out the best way to exploit their ‘blind spots’ and escape each level! Skills required: This multi-level, fast-paced, escape-the-level action game requires alert anticipation and timing skills, really quick reflexes, and tactful key control as you attempt to stealthily maneuver the ball past the multiple lookout-style bad guys. Smart analytical thinking, problem-solving skills and strategy are also required as each level acts as a mini brain teaser where you must craftily figure out the movement and range of the cameras and guards, and deftly maneuver your orange ball accordingly! Guide a cursor-mimicking, floating head character through 28 mazes – and don't touch the walls! Maze 3 is a challenging, mouse controlled, 'exit the level', hand-eye coordination game of skill where you must guide a floating green head called Michelle through a series of 28 tricky mazes. Mimicking the movement of your mouse cursor, Michelle must carefully maneuver through the obstacle-filled levels while avoiding contact with any walls or other objects. This can prove difficult as you must contend with moving parts, invisible walls, block-firing cannons, timed booby traps, and other clever obstacles on your quest.

Skills / strategy required: In this classic-style, mouse-control maze game, fast reactions must be combined with a very steady hand and expert timing. Michelle responds sensitively to the movement of your mouse cursor – so be careful, deliberate, and decisive with each move you make. Good observation skills, quick memory skills, and patience are each required. Although each level is timed, there is no time limit. Therefore, a good strategy is to take your time, and methodically pre-plan your movement through each maze. Guide a constantly-moving ball through a series of very tricky mazes – with no room for error! Roll Roll Roll is a very challenging, arrow-key control, maze-based skill game for kids, teens and adults where you must carefully maneuver an oscillating, momentum-based ball through a series of platform-based mazes.

If you allow the ball to roll beyond the play area or become hindered by obstacles, it's game over! Reasons to play this difficult, rolling ball maze game: If you fancy yourself as a true keyboard control champion and master of mazes, here is a very good opportunity to prove your quality. Test and exercise your hand-eye coordination, reaction speed and relexes to keep control of the momentum of the sensitive ball.

Strategy to win: With the added demand of keeping the ball within the confines of the narrow platforms, you must exhibit masterful levels of keyboard control. A really steady hand, patience and determination are ESSENTIAL!

Rainbow is a straight-forward, platform-based, maze game where you must unlock the Exit Door in each ledge-filled level by collecting the 4 pots of gold (each of which contains a colored mist above it, representing the missing colors - red, yellow, green and blue). At the beginning of each level, the entire background area is completely black and white in color – and you must restore the 4 key colors to the world in order to progress.

The catch is that the collectible pots required to restore each color are often in hard-to-reach locations - and you must move boulders and other objects to gain access to the missing pots. Skills required: In this tricky, jumping-based skill game, good focus and observation skills are vitally important as you scour each level in search of the mist-covered pots needed restore the colors to the levels.

Problem-solving skills are also important as many initially inaccessible ledges must be reached by moving rocks into the correct areas. Swift keyboard control is also important on your quest through each maze-like level. Do you have nimble game-playing fingers?

Is your hand-eye coordination agile, and ready for action? OK then, let’s put your reaction skills to the test! Scramball 2 is an tricky online maze ball game based on how quickly you can maneuver an orb-like pinball through a series of increasingly difficult levels. The catch is that your bouncy ‘Scramball’ is extremely hard to control, requiring deft touches and subtle changes of direction every couple of seconds.

Sprightly keyboard reactions, masterful motor skills, excellent hand-eye coordination, and a cool head are essentials for a very good Scramball player. Your spinning Scramball generates an awesome level of momentum once you really get it going, making things much more difficult when you need to make a sharp change of direction. Are you ready to give it your best shot?

Dedicated practice can take a player a long way! Guide a levitating robot hero through a series of 40 increasingly challenging, escape-the-level, side-scrolling environments filled with zapping baddies, forcefield-style hurdles, and other wacky hindrances!

Gloid - The Levitation Robot is a tricky platform-based, maze puzzle game where you must guide a floating black and white square character to an Exit Portal in each level. Gloid does not move like a normal, Mario-style jumping hero; you must use the environment and terrain to your advantage and ‘levitate’ Gloid toward the Exit. Skills required: This fun and addicting, online brain teaser arcade game tests and exercises your fast reactions, hand-eye coordination, anticipation skills, and requires a keen eye to see the ‘bigger picture’.

Sharp analytical thinking / determined problem-solving skills, and strategic planning are all key to Gloid's progress through the confined, maze-like levels. Guide an amber-colored ball through a series of immersive, neon-style, physics-based, platform maze levels in this challenging, ball rolling skill game! Amberial Axis is a fast reactions and escape-the-level-based arcade game where you use the Arrow Keys to maneuver an amber-colored ball toward an exit portal in difficult levels featuring moving ledges, multiple obstacles, dangerous forcefields, baddies that don't quit, and more! After you have completed the 35 pre-loaded levels in the game, you can also show off your creative side by producing your own challenges in the Level Editor mode! Skills required: This multi-level ball control activity requires tactful keyboard skills as you attempt to keep the ball within your control while all kinds of wacky hindrances attempt to put you off your stride. Sharp focus, concentration, reflexes and anticipation skills are also important as you navigate your way through the increasingly-complex game environments. If you graduate into a level creator, your creative engineering, problem solving and strategic planning skills also come into play!

Utilize strong 2-player teamwork and problem-solving skills to explore and escape a spooky, ancient maze structure! Pyramid Maze is a challenging, teamwork-oriented platform puzzle and maze-based adventure where you must guide a brave father and daughter duo through a series of tricky ledge and obstacle-filled levels. Set in the fire-lit depths of an ancient Egyptian-style pyramid, you must collect precious gems, flip switches, open doors, blow up obstacles, and more. While it is possible to ‘go it alone’ and control both characters, you have a much better chance of progress if you enlist the help of a friend or family member to form a formidable 2-player team!

Reasons to play this fun, escape-based adventure game: If you enjoy fun teamwork activities, puzzle platformers, and interesting maze action games for two players, then this game should offer you a good challenge. Strategy to win: It is impossible for either character to complete the level on his or her own, meaning that a combination of both character's unique abilities is the only path to progress. Whether you are playing solo or with a friend, nimble keyboard skills are absolutely essential here.

Some levels require logical, creative and analytical thinking skills as you try to figure out how to remove obstacles and reach higher ledges etc. Sharp observation skills are also handy – You need to be on the lookout for advantageous passages and vital collectible items such as the priceless diamond-shaped gems! Navigate through 25 increasingly-difficult, head-scratching levels by strategically creating your own man-made portals so that your character has a path to the Exit Door.

Portal 2D is a challenging, interactive, environment altering, platform-based puzzle game where you must guide a stickman character to an elusive Exit Door in 25 confined levels. The Exit is out of reach unless you cleverly utilize your Portal Creator Gun – a weapon which zaps special teleporting areas onto the walls. You can use these Portals to move your hero to areas of the level which were hitherto unreachable! Skills required: This awesome, escape-the-maze-style brain-teaser game requires a good combination of mental and physical skill sets. On the mental side, good strategy and tactical planning, sharp analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, and high levels of focus are very important.

On the physical skills side, fast reactions, accurate mouse clicking, smooth hand-eye coordination, good concentration skills and keyboard control are all key. Little Drop is a straight-forward online ‘rolling ball’ puzzle arcade game for both younger and older kids that requires careful analysis and strategy. Here, you have to maneuver a cute blue sphere (named Droppy) around a maze-like grid, munching up all of the randomly-placed green emeralds in the process. The catch is that Droppy is a cute and nimble ‘rolling ball’ character. This means that, once he is on the move (either horizontally or vertically), he can only be stopped once he impacts with one of the solid blocks located around the game grid. You play the role of Droppy’s guide, and must contend with teleporting platforms, complex mazes, gaps or doorways in the wall perimeter, and other tricky impediments. This stimulating and challenging maze-based brain teaser is a good test of your observation skills, strategic and analytical thinking skills, and your ability to react quickly to evolving puzzle situations.

Are you ready for some clever problem-solving action to help Droppy gobble up some delicious treats? Remaze is a very challenging, multilevel and multitasking-based maze puzzle game where you must guide a white square to the end-point in a series of tricky mini mazes. Driver Svoa Iris 746s C2d20000 more.

The difficulty is that you often have to complete more than one maze at a time by controlling multiple white squares simultaneously. This innovative feature transforms the game into a tricky, problem-solving puzzle. Skills / strategy required: This stimulating, online brain-teaser and visual puzzle offers a very stern exercise and test of your focus, concentration, patience, hand-eye coordination, keyboard control, determination and stamina. The extra, multiple maze tasks require you to carefully plan out your routes using sharp analytical thinking skills and creative ideas. Play a challenging maze-based, point and click puzzle! Lost Galaxy is fun arcade Flash game for kids & teens where you must carefully navigate your way through a series of 22 levels by systematically pushing large rocks and other objects out of your path. You play the role of a stranded young space captain who has been sucked through a black hole into a ‘lost galaxy’, and has crash-landed on a dreaded Planet of the Maze!

The only way to escape is to successfully complete all of the difficult maze puzzles. This tricky, interactive problem-solving, brain-teaser activity provides a good fun exercise of your concentration, visual and analytical thinking skills, determination and patience. In most levels, there is only one logical solution to help you escape the maze, and you must ensure to push objects out of your way in a tactful sequence.

There’s no time limit – so patience and good strategy should lead you to success! Enjoy the journey!

Test and exercise your visual problem-solving skills with 25 blueprint-style mazes that may look simple but prove to be extremely tricky - where swinging doors that govern each maze make reaching your destination a tough task! Open Doors is a highly-challenging, multi-level, maze and strategy-based puzzle game where you must guide a movable square to an X-shaped Exit Portal.

However, each maze is filled with ‘doors’ that swing open and closed depending on which way your square hero moves. This means that each of the 25 increasingly-difficult levels presents its own mini door-opening brain teaser – and it's your job to figure out the solution that ensures the square reaches the end point! Skills required: This quirky, interactive, visual puzzle game requires high levels of focus and concentration - especially in later levels when the brain teasing action is more complex. Smart analytical thinking, creative engineering, determined problem solving, and general multi-tasking skills all come into play as you carefully plan your route through the alternating door openings.

The ability to mentally zoom out and see the ‘bigger picture’ is also very helpful. Dynaminer is an explosive, gold collecting and escape-based strategy game for kids where you must successfully navigate through a complex underground maze (against the clock) using some well-placed dynamite! With the goal of reaching as far underground as possible, you must carefully and logically blow up the stones that block your path while taking care not to be hit with the blast yourself! This fun and unusual arcade maze game with cool sound effects requires good visual skills and strategic planning as you attempt to plot the best route downward towards the Exit level. Fast arrow key reaction speed is also important as you must scuttle clear of the blast radius before detonation of your dynamite sticks! So, let's blow this maze wide open, collect some Gold and 'get outta ther' in one piece! The Explorer is a tricky, mouse control-based maze game where you must guide a clever robotic droid through a series of complex mazes.

Set in the year 2062, you must use your ‘Explorer’ droid to navigate through the various labyrinth-style underground cave structures in order to discover more about the alien inhabitants of the planet Zertox-10. This is certainly no remote control game in the park – The mazes here are filled with booby traps, various obstacles and hindrances such as locked doors and more. Just one little slip or reach too far, and your droid will crash!

This fun, demanding and addicting, skill-based game requires very good hand-eye coordination, mouse control, and patience (plenty of trial and error is needed as mistakes are ruthlessly punished). You must complete each level flawlessly – there’s absolutely no room for error!