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Swiss Gear Wireless Mouse Driver

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Bluetooth mice are powered by the Bluetooth wireless protocol that allows them to exchange data with your computer over short distances. Bluetooth was created to fulfill the need for a wireless alternative to the wired RS-232 protocol but has grown into a much more general use framework currently used by many portable electronics. Bluetooth has the ability to connect several devices as once without worrying about synchronization problems. Each Bluetooth device comes with its own personal driver although all are based upon the Bluetooth framework. • • • • • Bluetooth works by use of a radio frequency hopping technology that sends chunks of data over several frequencies at once to achieve a maximum throughput of up to 3 MB/s per second.

Bluetooth is known for its extremely low power requirements that result in longer battery life for enabled devices and unlike infrared devices, Bluetooth devices do not have to maintain line of site to communicate with one another. There are three classes of Bluetooth devices ranging from class one to class three. Class one has a range of approximately 100 meters while class three has a range of around six meters. Common Bluetooth Mouse Drivers Problems Most Bluetooth enabled mice come with an installation disk that has Bluetooth mouse drivers on it. Newer operating systems such as Microsoft Vista and Windows 7 contain all standard Bluetooth mouse drivers within the operating system itself.

If you purchase a Bluetooth mouse and it does not work when you plug it into a USB port you can install the driver disk that came with the mouse and it should start working shortly. Once your mouse is working properly you should never have trouble with it again.

Device drivers are kernel drivers that have sophisticated memory protection techniques that prevent them from becoming corrupted easily but sometimes a virus or amateur programmer will create a data file that intentionally or unintentionally causes Bluetooth mouse driver failure. Some common PC problems that could be the result of malfunctioning Bluetooth mouse drivers are: 1. Inability to move your mouse. Jerky or intermittent mouse performance.

Your operating system does not recognize your Bluetooth wireless mouse. Troubleshooting Bluetooth Mouse Drivers Troubleshooting Bluetooth mouse drivers is simple for the end-user. The first thing you should do if your mouse starts acting funny is to reboot your computer. The second thing you should do is replace the batteries of your mouse. The third thing you should try is hooking your Bluetooth mouse up to a second computer and check out its performance there. If it works on the second computer then you might have a Bluetooth mouse driver problem.

Psia Ready Writing And Creative Writing Handbook Rules on this page. If not then you probably have a bad mouse. If your diagnostics determine you are dealing with a Bluetooth mouse driver problem then try restoring your computer using the system restore feature and/or reinstalling the drivers than came with the mouse. If neither of these solutions work then you can try reinstalling your operating system and the Bluetooth mouse drivers. If your Bluetooth mouse is still not responding you might want to purchase a new one to see if the mouse itself is faulty. If neither mouse works then you would be advised to take your computer to a technical specialist. Quick Fix: Click “Download” to scan and identify out-of-date Bluetooth Mouse drivers using Driver Whiz. A one-click download & updater tool.

By clicking “Download Now”, I agree to Site and. Download Size: 7.2MB Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP Requirements: 300 MHz Processor, 256 MB Ram, 22 MB HDD Note: Individual drivers may be available on manufacturer websites at no charge. Driver Whiz is a driver update service that will scan your computer for suitable drivers and provide them in an easy, convenient method. Driver Whiz registration is £29.95 GBP for 1-year subscription. Driver Whiz provides advanced scanning of your computer system. After a system scan has been performed all users will be provided the option to update out-of-date or missing drivers. Updating drivers is provided at a charge while scanning is provided at an unlimited basis.

Cons: LED light thing, though I personally like it. Works much better than Microsoft Wireless Laser 5000 I just returned.and there was nothing wrong with that, a nice $40 mouse with just too much space taking up properties with the corded receiver. I've also had a $70 mouse that was not as good as this Spyder from Swissgear. I've noticed bad reviews at as well, and I think the problem is people having lazy reading habits. I recommended this mouse to a friend and his is just as great as mine.crazy enough.

If you read the recommended operating systems on the boxes of these type of products and other requirements you should be fine. All of these mice from each brand are basically made in China for a low cost to the corporation.

They are not rocket science in construction and neither is whether they will work for your computer or not. It's very basic, and this company or another should be fine if you follow instructions and recommendations.

If you are really not good with basic reading comprehension get a mouse that has a cd included and just plop it in and follow the 10 word instructions and click next 10 times. But then again why add another program to your computer. For actual features though this one is great for its price ($25 for me). 5 buttons - two side buttons are good for gaming where you program it, internet use non-programmable.they are forward and back browser buttons respectively. They also don't get bumped accidently like the Microsoft 5000.

This is because a button on the side of your little finger/ring finger gets pressed more from accidental pressure of holding the mouse. Great size - not too big, not too small.perfect notebook size Can work from over 10 feet away!!! Most with corded receiver do about 6 feet or a little more.and most notebook wireless mice only 3 or 4 feet. Receiver stores into mouse, efficient for travel Stylish and better looking than the majority of mice out there, this matters in the long run.why not have a better looking mouse to go with a good looking laptop??? 1000 dpi is very responsive, accurate in tracking.much better than previous generation optical mice Wenger the Swiss corporation is a good company, rather support them than some others.matters to me, probably not to majority.

Doesn't add a program to your computer like microsoft, logitech, etc. Important to me because I demand performance out of my need to bog it up with crap programs that are unnecessary. One thing some will like and others will strongly dislike is the strong, bright LED light on the is pretty brilliant and it flashes when the mouse is moved or it's buttons are activated. I like it, wife thinks is very annoying. Just as well you could throw a tiny piece of black tape on it or learn to like it;) Not sure what laptop you have but it looks great with my new HP HDX 16 $1,100 laptop. I was gonna go up to $80 for a mouse but this one is great, no need to spend more. Update - found out this thing even works great on my couch cushions, blankets, etc.

And so far it's off switch and sleep during inactivity feature are still doing great with the original batteries. My logitech wireless that's connected to the house desktop eats them up in about 6-8 weeks. Now granted it's not the logitech nano that is $60-80 but neither is this Spyder from Swissgear;).