Stubbs The Zombie Xbox Iso Torrent

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Stubbs the zombie is a odd game where you go around eating humans brains and when you turn them to zombies they become your followers and help you in your biddings.

The game Stubbs the Zombie is set in a fictional City of the Future in 1959. To complement this theme, the tracks are new versions of songs made famous in this era, with the exception of the zombie inspired original track 'the Living Dead' by Californias Phantom Planet. Stubbs the Zombie: The Soundtrack is one of the first game soundtracks to feature all original recordings, as opposed to the licensed music most games employ today. The songs are as unique as the game and can be found only on the Stubbs the Zombie soundtrack.

Features: - Conversion - Death is not the end! When Stubbs kills an enemy, they become one of his zombie followers. These zombies will attack humans when possible and attempt to follow Stubbs in his crusade. Building and maintaining a horde of zombies is crucial to beating the games biggest encounters.

Stubbs The Zombie Xbox Iso Torrent

- The Hand – Stubbs can detach his hand, throw it and control the hand as a separate character. The hand is faster than humans, can go places where Stubbs cant fit, is expendable (so it can be sent into certain death), and can possess human characters. - Possession - Using his detached arm, Stubbs can possess human characters, giving him access to their weapons, speed, and other abilities. - Gut Grenade - Stubbs can throw gut grenades, a ranged area-of-effect weapon. He can reach into his gut, pull out some viscera and lob it like a grenade to cause damage and stun opponents. Keygen Norton 360 Free Download.

- Unholy Flatulence - Stubbs can unleash unholy flatulence, a local, last ditch area-of-effect attack, which will kill humans in the immediate vicinity. - Zombie Strength - Stubbs super-strength allows him to smash through boarded-up doors and lay waste to the humans cowering behind it with powerful melee attacks. - Bowling Heads -- Strike!

Stubbs The Zombie Xbox Iso Torrent

Stubbs can bowl his head into enemies and strategically detonate it. After the head explodes, it turns anyone in the vicinity into zombies.