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Star Trek Judgment Rites Deutsch EnglischStar Trek Judgment Rites Deutsch Englisch

Star Trekā„¢: Judgment Rites. Sparache auf Deutsch stellen? Kann man irgentwie die sprache umstellen? Showing 1-5 of 5 comments [AngryNoobs]SteelRod. Sprachen: Deutsch - Englisch Kategorien: Adventure, Mystery. 1.1.2 Star Trek: Judgment Rites; 1.2 Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game.

O-------------------------------------------O STAR TREK: JUDGMENT RITES FAQ/Walkthrough O-------------------------------------------O v3.0 Complete with walkthroughs and maps for every episode! Written by Snow Dragon (C) 2001-2002. All rights reserved. TABLE OF CONTENTS ================= I.

Intro and Notes III. Helpful Techniques and Timesavers IV.

Walkthroughs and Maps for All Episodes 1. Federation 2. No Man's Land 4. Light and Darkness 5. Museum Piece 7.

Though This Be Madness. 8.Yet there is Method in It V. Troubleshooting VI. Credits and Copyrights UPDATES ======= 7-13-01: Added a troubleshooting section after the walkthroughs due to an e-mail I received about installation problems.

I figure since this is a PC game, it can't hurt to have a section on hardware problems. Also I added on to the Helpful Techniques and Timesavers section. 3-17-02: I changed the way I update my FAQs in terms of version number since this guide's last writing, so that's why this skipped directly from 1.1 to 3.0. There were a number of changes I had to make to this walkthrough in terms of both formatting and information updates, so they're being brought up and given full attention to here. Expect all of my other walkthroughs that are somewhat old to be given this treatment as well. INTRODUCTION AND NOTES ====================== You need to know a LOT of things about this game and my walkthrough before you just dive in and get your hands dirty. A lot of the success in this game depends on what you say to people and how you handle certain situations.

Not doing things may not keep you from ending an episode, but you will not get points by doing things contrary to how the Kirk from the original series would have done them. Read my notes before moving along: ** I did a King's Quest V walkthrough for my first one ever, and even though I knew that entire game up, down, sideways and backwards, I don't know how to get the maximum score of 100% on every single episode in this game. If my score that I display at the end of an episode walkthrough is not up to par with yours, please give me suggestions on things I might not have thought of doing that would enhance my score. I have played through several times and still end up doing a crappy job on some missions. Suggestions can be mailed to me at my current e-mail address,.

Direct all mail to this address, as I always answer in time. I will update and notify you if anything else changes. ** I will display the map first and then do the walkthrough in an easy- to-follow step-by-step format, with plus signs (+) indicating a new step. Then, at the end of the entire walkthrough for an episode, I will display my score. If yours is better (which it can't be if I score 100%), e-mail me and tell me some things you did which probably allowed you to do better than me.

Don't be all cocky and become Mr. I'm-Better- Than-the-Walkthrough-Writer. Just politely inform me of your cool strategies. ** The episode '.Yet there is Method in It' does not have a map. ** If anything about the wording of a walkthrough or layout of a map confuses you, politely tell me about it and I will update it. HELPFUL TECHNIQUES AND TIMESAVERS ================================= Listed below are some little helpful hints that can get you a better score on any episode in general or help you get around faster.

** Typically, talking rudely or arrogantly to people is a good way to get your score lowered. Think of what the 'real' Kirk would say; try to handle all situations as diplomatically as possible. If you can't find a nice thing to say (and you can't not say anything at all), pick what sounds the nicest. ** When firing a phaser at a person, never use the kill setting - it will lower your score dramatically. Stun all living creatures.

Save the kill setting for inanimate objects such as rocks and doors. ** NEVER use phasers on machinery!

** You can use tricorders on objects in your inventory. This is sometimes an extremely useful piece of advice.

** Learn to use the keyboard so you can whip out items and get things quicker. Using the keyboard is especially helpful when the bad guys are firing their weapons at you. Following this tip is a list of the hotkeys that access certain menu options. U = Use (as in use a person on an object to get them to fix it or inspect it) L = Look (the eye) G = Get (the hand holding the ball) T = Talk (the mouth) W = Walk (the crosshair) I = Inventory menu (highly useful!) Esc = menu with gold nude man - helps you get to options menu faster.

Spacebar also brings up this menu. ** Use the medical tricorder on all things organic, and use the science tricorder on EVERYTHING. ** The more commendation points you rack up, the more praise you get from Starfleet at the end of the game.

They'll look down on you if you have anything less than about 23 points, and they'll probably relieve you of command for having anything less than 17 or 18. ** If you want to do something that will get you in trouble, save your game first. In fact, save when you do something that is even slightly potentially dangerous (like walk into a room). ** Talk to everyone. ** Try to pick up everything.

** Try to use the tricorder on everything. ** Communicate with the ship occasionally (except in episodes 3 and 8 where you can't). ** Never go off course from your destination. You may have to fight Elasi pirates or Romulans, which aren't so bad, but you also run the risk of having to fight (gulp) Klingons. I'll describe the place on the map you're supposed to go to in easy-to-comprehend terms, like the big gray star or the tiny blue dot - kindergarten vocabulary, in other words. ** If you've lost your star map and want a new one due to the fact that you don't want to use my directions or you just want a new one, you can download one at the Interplay website ( - I think Judgment Rites is under the Action subheading of the Games section).

** Have fun playing Star Trek: Judgment Rites! WALKTHROUGHS AND MAPS FOR ALL EPISODES ====================================== Episode One - FEDERATION ------------------------ LEFT SIDE RIGHT SIDE Docking Computer---o---Central Special-----o-----Breddell's Bay 1 Room Control Projects Quarters Transporter---o---Security Executive-----o-----Crew Room Quarters Quarters o-------------o------------o Detention (Brig) BEFORE THE ACTION: ------------------ + The Enterprise is on the way to the Glorious Pebbles Scientific Academy when the USS Alexander comes flying out of a time portal. The captain, Luke Rayner, says that the Federation has eight days left before it's eliminated from the face of the universe.

The transmission gets cut off and the Alexander blows up. Kirk is apparently shocked. + In the log supplemental, Kirk notes that they are on their way to Espoir Station.

Press N to go to the navigation map. Click the tiny red star in the center and cruise there at warp speed. + If you are on the Academy Graduate or Commissioned Officer difficulty setting, you will have to fight Elasi pirates to go further. If you are on Federation Cadet, you will go right to the station. + Talk to the man onscreen. Choose the first bit of dialogue when it comes to making a decision, and then press B to transport to the station. Spock and McCoy accompany you on this one.

+ You will eventually find out that that mean old ugly man, Dr. Breddell, has drawn you into an intricate trap. Even though Kirk hates him with all his guts, pick the nicest thing to yell at him anyway and he'll have you thrown in the brig to rot. + The three of you then wake up in a cell with a rather disagreeable guard standing with his hands on his hips in front of the force field. Save here and get ready to do something. THE ACTION: ----------- + There are two ways you can handle Menao Sheme.

** Use Spock on the panel in the wall. Menao Sheme will lower the force field and try to stop Spock, but Spock will use the almighty, handy-dandy neck pinch and render him unconscious.

** Talk him into releasing you. If you are going to talk him into letting you out, the combination of choices to persuade him is: 2, 3, 3, 3. Menao Sheme will try to rally the other security officers to join the fight against Breddell.

+ If you knocked him out using Spock, search him for a keycard and leave the room. If you coerced him into lowering the force field, skip this step. + When you are let out, whether via Menao Sheme or Spock, the lockers will be opened. If you convinced Menao to release you, they will open automatically. If you knocked him out cold, you'll have to use the keycard to open the lockers. Retrieve your essential items from the lockers and move out of the detention level.

+ Go to the area with four green rectangles on the left and stun the guards that beam in. + Go in the blue door and stun the technician. + Use Spock on the chess game. You always get three choices of moves. One move is way too aggressive and one is way too defensive. You want to pick the one that fits between those two descriptions.

If you can't figure it out, here's the order of choices to use: 1, 2, 1. The combination 1, 2, 3 also works, but it merely gets the job done - it does not excel, and excelling in your choices is what you need to raise your score. + Once the chess game has been checkmated, use Spock on the computer to the left. + Use both tricorders on the computer. + When you have used both tricorders, use Spock once again. + Leave and go in the yellow door to the right.

Stun the guards. McCoy's medical kit on the man in the corner (when you talk to him, his text is green). He will thank McCoy for alleviating his allergies. + Use Spock to disable all three computers - there are two in the back and there is one on the right.

Do not use your phaser on them. + Leave this area and go to the part of the map where it says Docking Bay 1. + When your options become available, choose to surrender. Spock will give them the neck pinch when they approach you.

+ Have Spock sabotage the two computers in the corner. You can't do anything else in here, so leave. + Go in the area with four green rectangles to the right, and then go in the yellow door to the left.

+ Get the air purifier on the floor. Don't use your communicator in here yet or you'll have the burden of three security guards on your back. That is not cool. + Go in the red door to the right and make McCoy drug the sleeping man. + Get the dummies in the corner. + Go to the transporter room. Quickly apply the air purifier to the machine so the gas in the room doesn't knock you all out.

+ Use the dummies on the transporter. They will provide a decent distraction so that you don't get killed when you beam into security. Set the transporter's coordinates for security. + Talk to the security chief when he wakes up. Convince him to rebel against Breddell by talking to him (use choice 1) and then using the tricorder on him.

He will then welcome you on the ship. + Disable both computers in the room using Spock.

+ Go to the Special Projects room and kill the beast before it eats you. Use the kill phaser on it.

If you use stun, it will not die and will proceed to chow down on you anyway. Once he is dead, have Spock deactivate the tractor beam by using him on the computer to the far left. + Find Breddell's quarters (the yellow door with the security panel next to it) and use Kirk on it. Save before you go in. + Choose the second choice when talking to Breddell. When he is done talking, stun him. Don't dawdle - the first person he fires at is Kirk, and he uses his kill phaser.

+ Get the red book off the table and the bookmark that falls out. + Remove the dartboard from the wall. + Use the tricorder on the book and the bookmark. They each have a code on them to be used on the controls behind the dartboard. One is the incorrect code - the other will win the mission for you. Using Spock on the book reveals that Breddell's secret code is 2162.

However, if you use him on the bookmark, the tricorder finds the Base 64 number 2188. These are the two choices of codes you are given when you use Spock on the control panel. MY SCORE: 97% Episode Two - SENTINEL ---------------------- Medical Lab---o Life Support----Feeding Room / / / Start-----Room w/ Screen--Combining Room / / / / / / Projection Room------------o BEFORE THE ACTION: ------------------ + Captain Gellman of the USS Demeter comes onscreen and tells you he's been studying the Balkosi of Balkos III when they were suddenly scanned by a very powerful scanning device on the planet. That is really odd because the Balkosi just entered their Stone Age. He wants you, the best captain in Starfleet, to go down to the planet and see what's going on.

+ Press N to bring up the navigation map and choose the big green diamond in the bottom right corner. + When you're there, press O to enter the planet's orbit. + Push B to beam onto the planet. Spock and McCoy are with you once again. THE ACTION: ----------- + When you are in the room, you will be scanned.

After the ensuing conversation, use the tricorder on everything in the room and then use Spock on the panel. Until you have ID badges, you'll have to use Spock to open all the doors for you. + Use Spock on the green panel. + Sometime in the second room, a power surge will start interfering with the communication arrays on the Enterprise.

Go in the door to the far left. + Go in the door to the right and pick up the seven objects in this room. Two are coming out of the machine to the right. + Combine the badges and the batteries in the machine to the left. Use Spock on the machine again to speed up the combining process. + Go into the room to the left and put the badges in the battery charger. You can now walk through doors without having to have Spock use the green panel to open them.

When you go in the door leading up, the force field in there should be down. + Put the screen and the cube on the machine without the force field. + When the computer activity is displayed on the screen, choose the diamond. All force fields in the complex will be shut down and you can now gather more accurate tricorder readings. + Go back and scan everything you've seen so far that had a force field on it.

+ After you've done that, go to the life support room and use the switch on the large vat. + Go to the feeding room and wait for a piece of food to come out of the unit. A Balkosian will come out of the door to the right. Use Spock on him and when he eats, he will use the neck pinch on him. When he is unconscious, use Kirk on him and McCoy will take him to the medical lab.

+ Use McCoy on the Balkosian when you get in the medical lab for an interesting conversation in which there is talk of the Balkosi being put on the planet on purpose for experimental reasons and Kirk thinking this whole mission is a nasty setup. + Go back to the projection room (where you charged the badges' batteries). Use the computer card on the big machine to the left.

The crew starts getting a little edgy amongst themselves. + Use the cables on the same machine. + Use Spock on the machine to view the projections, but DO NOT shut down the machine when you are done viewing. This will lower your score by approximately 48 whole percentage points.

That comes out to a possible deduction of three commendation points from your record - not a good sacrifice. Hold off of shutting down for now.

+ Use Spock on the large beige pole and THEN shut it down. It should make a noise when you shut it down - if you failed it will not. You should also see Kirk say something about the Balkosi resting peacefully from now on. Scotty will beam you back to the ship when you have shut down the machine.

+ Once on the Enterprise, a message will appear on your viewscreen: SUBJECT SUITABLE - TESTING CONTINUES. What is that supposed to mean? You'll have to keep on playing to find out. MY SCORE: 100% Episode Three - NO MAN'S LAND ----------------------------- School Cellar Trelane's Old Man's Castle Armory---o---House Shop----o----Tavern Trenches----o----------------------o-----------Trelane's Plane BEFORE THE ACTION: ------------------ + Kirk says the mission here is to investigate radiation clouds at Omega Corvus. Oooh, how exciting (not really). + But suddenly!

Admiral Cain pops up on the viewscreen and tells you to investigate some mysterious ship disappearances in the Delphi System. Bring up the star map and head for Delphi - which is the blue star below the swirling ellipse in the upper left corner. + Uhura picks up what she calls an 'insect drone' on the communication channel. On the screen, a triplane from around 1917 appears on the screen.

Trelane hails you, and after you give him your choice of words, he will attack you if you are on one of the two more difficult settings. If you are on Federation Cadet, you will be sent immediately to the cellar. Defeating him does not affect your points any. + If you battle him, you will be in a cellar no matter if you win or not. Your company this time consists of Spock, McCoy, and Lieutenant Commander Ellis from the USS Zimbabwe.

THE ACTION: ----------- + In the cellar, get the sticks by the sheaf of grain. + Open the crate and get the Schnapps inside.

+ Pour the Schnapps on the hay in the bottom left corner. + Use the sticks on the Schnapps-drenched hay to start a fire. The guard will come in. + You have two options with the guard: ** Have Spock give him the neck pinch and escape. ** Talk the guard into leaving before the fire gets out of hand. Talking him into leaving the cell will garner you a better score for this mission.

To convince the guard, choose choice 2. + Once outside, you will see a soldier push down an old man on the sidewalk. Have Kirk go knock the soldier's block off. The barkeep, Gretel Gernsbeck, will come out of the tavern and ask you to come in her bar and talk. + Have McCoy heal the old man on the sidewalk. + Once he's been fixed up, talk to him a little bit.

+ Go in the tavern. Deal with the soldier without beating him up (choice 1). After he leaves, talk to Gretel until all your conversational choices are exhausted. + Have McCoy scan the beer and then drug it. + Talk to the two men at the table the same way you did Gretel (that is, using up all your talking choices). + Go in the back room to find the two men playing poker. They tell you that you can join when you have money to bet with.

Free Download Program Imagina Espanol Sin Barreras Pdf Creator. + Walk across to the shop. + Talk to the boy behind the counter, who will give away everything as you talk to him except for the shoes, which are reserved for another customer, and the clock, which he thinks he shouldn't just give away on a promise on account of its price. You will have to give him a lot of money to buy the clock.

+ With these items, walk back out into the plaza and go left. Ignore the dog for now and go in the house to the right. + Talk to the man for a while. When you've used every icebreaker that is available, sweep his floor for him to earn a little bit of money. Also, have Spock try to fix the gramophone to increase your score a little.

+ Give the dog the food packages that you got from the shop. While he's preoccupied, have McCoy give him a shot (use the medical kit, in other words). He will go behind the building and you will not have to deal with him anymore. Do not go in the armory just yet. Go inside the school. + Inside, Colonel Hauptmann is rambling on about the failure of democracy. When he is done talking, talk to him.

Hauptmann will introduce you to the class and will also give you a chance to defend republicanism. Have the class vote on which is better when your choices surface. The students will choose Kirk's system, and Hauptmann will leave the schoolhouse in a fit of rage. Talk to every student. + Scan all the objects in the classroom, looking for anomalous power sources.

The chalkboard should turn up something. Talk to Fraulein Humperdinck about taking it with you. Tell her about you hearing that the chalk on chalkboards is bad for children's lungs. She won't let you take it unless you have a letter from Superintendent Schiller, and you've already seen him once before.

+ Go west to the trench and scan the wounded soldier's locket. It is one of Trelane's power objects. He will let you have it if you deliver a letter to Gretel in the tavern. + When you obtain the letter, go to the armory. Everyone inside should be passed out from the drugged beer. + Take one of the rifles from the rack off the wall.

+ Use the rope to contain the man at the desk. + When he is bound, have McCoy wake him up with the medical kit. + Have Spock mind-meld with the man to get the safe combination. + Use Spock on the safe and get the TNT.

+ Go back to the tavern. Give Gretel her letter and talk to Schiller about the chalkboard. Since he's proud of it, it doesn't look like he's going to get rid of it anytime soon. + Go in the back room and talk to Sundergard. He'll spread a rumor about the chalkboards being bad for the children's health if you get his son transferred. You'll need to go to the armory to do that, but first, use the money you earned from the old man and have the boys deal you in. You should come out three hours later with a miraculous amount of money.

+ Go to the shop, scan the clock, and then buy it. + Go back to the armory and get Sundergard's son transferred by talking to the man behind the desk and then threatening him with the rifle.

Kirk will untie him and he will sign the papers. Get the papers off the desk and then leave. + Obtain the locket from the dazed soldier. + Go give Sundergard the paper and ask him to spread the rumor. + When you talk to Schiller outside, he will give you a note that gives you permission to take the chalkboard.

+ Give the note to Fraulein Humperdinck, who is finally convinced that the chalkboard is unsafe for the children. + Go see the triplane. Ellis will try to get dirty with Kirk again. Do not retaliate or start a fight.

Throwing down with Ellis is not a good way to raise your score. Never choose the choice that says, 'That's it! I've had everything I can stand from you!' + You are now at the point where the power objects have a use, but first, to raise your score, go to Trelane's castle and scan it. It appears you will have to destroy some of Trelane's power objects to get inside.

+ Scan the triplane. It is the fourth power object.

+ Put the other three power objects in the triplane. + Use the TNT to blow it up and get inside the castle. + Inside the castle, have your small repartees with Trelane, then scan the painting on the wall. It is actually another power object. Attempt to destroy it with the rifle.

Although it is somewhat of a good idea, Spock will suggest finding a better solution. + Look at the starships inside the glass bottles. The fourth one is the Enterprise. The third one is the Zimbabwe. Realizing this, Ellis will lunge at Trelane, who freezes him. Have Kirk offer to be frozen instead of Ellis. Trelane will admire your gallantry, then unfreeze Ellis, who thanks you.

+ Talk to Trelane and try to convince him that his babysitter is just outside the door (choice order: 3, 2). This will give him a minor spook, which he will try to allay by looking out the door.

+ Talk to him again, this time using choice 1 and then choice 2. Trelane will take you to a more realistic trench scene, where you can duke it out with more words. + Talk to Trelane in the trench, using choices in the following order: 1, 3, and 3. + Trelane will release you and return all the ships to their normal size. MY SCORE: 100% Episode Four - LIGHT AND DARKNESS --------------------------------- Cicissa's 3rd 2nd 1st Room Satellite----Satellite----Satellite Vizznr's--Replicator Room--Azrah's Room Room Outside Building--------------------------------o BEFORE THE ACTION: ------------------ + You get a distress beacon from Onyius II and you are en route to investigate it. That's pretty much all.

+ Bring up the star map with N and go to the large yellow star near Espoir Station. + Press O to go into orbit, then beam down with Spock, McCoy, and Ensign Jons. THE ACTION: ----------- + Scan everything on the outside with both tricorders and go in. + Use the stun phaser to get the green gunk off the tube on the right. + Go into the room on the left.

A projection of a xenobiological entity named Vizznr will appear. Talk to him, but do not annoy him. Try to sympathize with him. Although he is not a fan of Azrah, he will encourage you to talk to him to get his side of the battle story. + Go to the east room and talk to Azrah. Azrah is the projected image of an angel. Although it may seem you are arguing with Azrah at first, keep talking until Kirk becomes willing to unite the two races that are struggling against each other.

Azrah will 'see the light,' so to speak, and will give you a sample of the Omegan culture. Kirk notes that it is warm to the touch. + Walk back to Vizznr's lair and have Spock reactivate him.

+ Talk to him. At first he will call Azrah's theology warped and try to attack you on many of your points. Tell them that they are each a divided race that was once a whole, capable of truly being something, just as you did with Azrah. Try to convince him that the Alphans need to reunite with the Omegans.

If you succeed, he will give you a sample of his culture, which is cold to the touch. + Put one of the samples in the left tube. Jons will try to replicate it, but does not get a good reading, and claims to not know why. Jons does not want to go through with this. You need to relate to him that what you are doing is for the betterment of two species, but at the same time do not attack his reasons for doing what he is doing. To get this point across, choose choices 3, 2, and 2.

Jons will realize his folly and replicate the sequences for you. + Sequence both the alpha and omega samples. + Use Jons on the computer on the left and then on the one on the right to make one green sample.

If you need another green sample at any time, you can just use Jons on the computer to the right to make one, as it is stored in the computer's internal memory. + Take the green sample, which Kirk christens the Gammans. + Put it in the machine to the north. The Gammans will thrive in the new environment, and a green hologram named Cicissa will appear.

He tries to emote his thanks for combining the two races, but his message is scrambled and cannot be deciphered yet. You need to find a way to get it working. + Go outside and scan all three satellites. + In the area with the first satellite, try to use your kill phaser on the large rock in the background. Since the satellites run off of geothermal energy, Spock commends your idea, but it is McCoy who recommends that the ship's phasers be used to fire at the rock and provide the energy needed.

+ Scan the rock you fired. Spock should say that it is the best place to gather the geothermal energy required to get the satellites working. + Communicate with the ship and tell Sulu to fire the phasers at the coordinates you give him.

A large beam will fire down into the rock. The arrays will then begin working. + Go to the second satellite.

Spock says he needs a calculation in degrees before he can readjust it. Get Scotty on the communicator. He will tell you to set the array to 32.5 degrees, which Spock will proceed to do. + Go back to Cicissa's room in the building. His image is no longer flickering. Talk to him and choose the third piece of dialogue. MY SCORE: 90% Episode Five - VOIDS -------------------- ABOARD THE ENTERPRISE ** A map is provided within the game.

You should not need me to make one just for you. ON THE SURFACE Vurian---------Savant---------Spock BEFORE THE ACTION: ------------------ + You've been asked to take over for the USS Regulus on their mission in the highly unstable Antares Rift. The USS Hood will take over your current mission. + Access the star map and choose the one to the far right that looks like a red swirl.

THE ACTION: ----------- + Just as everything gets back online, the lightning in the rift knocks out the power. Talk to everyone to get his or her ideas and then walk to the turbolift. Everyone will get up along with you and walk to the door. + Use Spock on his own station twice. The first time he will send out a distress signal. The second time he will ask permission to be beamed to Auxiliary Control. Give him permission.

When he transports, a weird flash will occur, and a small four-armed alien will materialize, look around, and then disappear as quickly as she came in. + When Spock disappears, use Sulu on the science station (where Spock was just at). The transporter chief, Chief Kyle, will have by now jury- rigged an evacuation tube so you can use the turbolift.

+ Walk into the turbolift. Everybody will leave the bridge. You cannot come back once you've gone in the turbolift. Your party now consists of Sulu, Chekov, and Security Guard Walker. + Go to Auxiliary Control (just below the bridge).

When you arrive inside, another rift storm will take place. When you get up and are done communicating with Scotty, call him again and divert power to either the sensors or the shields.

+ Enter the control room. The Vurian will appear. Try to talk to it - you will only succeed in being whisked out of the room. + Blast a tiny hole in the door with the kill phaser. ONLY SHOOT THE DOOR ONCE! + Use the medical tricorder on the tiny hole to get a reading on the Vurian's physiology and take it to sickbay.

+ Talk to McCoy in sickbay to give him the readout on the alien. He will give you a special type of gas that will neutralize it without hurting it. You'll need to find a conduit to pump it through to Auxiliary Control. Fortunately, that conduit is in Engineering. + Put the gas in the ventilation system next to the life support computer. When you've fit it in, use Kirk on the computer to the far left to send the gas to Auxiliary Control. Kirk will automatically contact Chief Kyle and ask to be transported to Auxiliary Control.

+ The alien will disappear. Upon closer inspection, the controls remain incredibly untouched. Use Sulu on the panel to the far right to get a lock on the alien's coordinates. Move to the transporter room.

+ Have Chief Kyle transport you to the planet, and then save. The Vurian should be to the right, wriggling on the ground.

Talk to her and choose choices 1 and 3. The Savant can now be contacted. + The stones on the ground stimulate different emotions in Kirk.

Do not pick up the pile of blue stones - they are very volatile and will kill you. Here is a list of the stone colors and the emotions they bring out: Blue (single stone): Guilt derived from not telling a loved one you loved them before they passed away. Yellow: Overprotection, telling people what makes them so great.

Orange: Paranoia. Green: Forgetfulness, guilt. Red: Irrational anger. The pile of blue stones should only be picked up when you obtain a pouch to scoop them up. It is not said what emotion they stimulate - only that they give a funny sensation. I'm guessing from the violent death of Walker when he touches them without the pouch that it is pain.

+ Walk to the right. When the Savant appears, ask who he is and he will tell you.

Get the pouch before him. + Walk to the right to see Spock. He is truly happy, but he does not wish to be happy, as it is the antithesis of his desires. + Talk to Spock about the Savant. It is a powerful creature that wanted to be free of pain and turned itself into a being made entirely of emotions. It can exist on its own, but taps into other beings' emotions as a sort of back-up to enhance its emotions. It uses other beings but can survive on its own.

+ Converse with Spock yet more. You can learn a few things. Among them: ** The stones you collected are negative emotions crammed into minerals to keep the Savant from experiencing them. There are more negative feeling minerals beneath the surface. ** The Savant's weakness is its reliance on emotion.

Despite being happy all these millions of years, it still has a subconscious fear of experiencing pain and misery. ** Spock cannot help you negotiate with the Savant because it will not listen to logic and free will.

+ When you've exhausted your conversational choices, tranquilize Spock with the medical kit. + Go get the pile of volatile blue stones using the pouch. Walker will retrieve them for you. + Meet the Savant at his meeting place. Throw the pouch 'into' him. + Above all else, you must be tactful when talking to the Savant. If your choice of words causes him to stop following the pursuit of happiness and he disappears, the fabric of the universe will be torn apart and all living things will cease to exist.

You do not want the universe to die. Instead, tell him that all creatures need to be free to chase after their own ideals and make their own mistakes, and that the Savant has lost respect for that. Tell him that it is not his own prerogative to give Spock eternal happiness and that Spock will follow the path of his life the way he chooses to. Since the Savant will be experiencing too much grief or will not be in the mood to argue, he will give Spock back to you and you can return to your normal activities. Do not cause the Savant to destroy the universe when you talk to him, and do not leave without Spock (yes, this is possible, but I don't know which choices achieve this yet). MY SCORE: 91% Episode Six - MUSEUM PIECE -------------------------- Crystals Room 11 (Not Accessible) / / Spacesuit-----Special / Exhibit / Curator's-------Capacitor Office Charger Old Robot BEFORE THE ACTION: ------------------ + The crew finally gets their shore leave to Nova Atar (this has been talked about casually in previous missions).

On the way there, Admiral Richards hails them. Since they are already on course for Nova Atar, the admiral asks Kirk to be at a ceremony where one of the museum's artifacts is being given back to the Seransi. + On the navigation map, Nova Atar is the gray star in the bottom left corner. + Sulu will go into orbit for you. Press B to beam down to the museum. Scott and Mr. Chekov will be tagging along this time.

THE ACTION: ----------- + The curator will tell you to look around some. To make the wait faster, try to enter Room 11. You cannot go in, and you will be hailed back to the curator's office. + As the curator pours the cognac, a security alarm will start blaring. When the curator checks it out, you'll see that terrorists have invaded the exhibit. One of them shoots out the camera. When the curator sees how they'll react to the other security systems, it backfires and he gets fried.

+ There are several items to get in this room: ** The decanter on the table in the bottom right corner. ** The silver tray next to the decanter. ** The lance that the knight is holding. ** The bottle of cognac in the upper right corner. ** The note under the bottle of cognac. + Use Kirk on the desk in the lower left corner.

The first time, he will notice the button that opens the door. The second time you use Kirk on the desk he will push the button. + Have Chekov wedge the knight in the door to keep it open.

+ Use Scotty on the phaser cannon to obtain two capacitors. + Place the capacitors on the charging table. + Use Scotty on the machine to the right and he will dig up a cable and some heat-resistant wiring. + Go in the door to the bottom right. A security lock is activated - you will have to enter a code to get through the door. Look at the note that you found under the bottle of cognac. There should be a set of letters and numbers - VVSOP2123.

Enter this code to go through doors that have a security lock on them. + Scotty and Chekov can get several items in the room to the lower right of the capacitor charger. ** Magnetic clamps from the ring to the right ** An access panel from the pod in the lower left corner ** Wires from the robot once you have used the capacitor on it Remember to remove the capacitor from the robot when it shuts down. + Try to use VVSOP2123 on the door to the upper right of the capacitor charger. At first the door will recognize the code, but then will not let you in due to the work of the terrorists.

You will have to bust the door down. Talk to Scotty about it. He will suggest something along the lines of a large-scale tennis ball cannon to ram through the door. Get to working on a machine. + Charge both capacitors on the charger. + Put the magnetic clamps on the charger.

+ Tie them down with the red wires. + Hook the black cable up to the capacitor charger. + Place the lance on the charging table. + Use either Scotty or Chekov on the computer to the far left.

+ Get the capacitors off the aurora generator. They should be uncharged. + Walk through the door to find a huge pile of rubble from the blast. In this mountain of junk is a gas canister. + There are a few points of interest in this room.

Take note of the cheap transporter to the left and the box in the lower right corner. It is a communications device. With the proper adjustments, you will later be able to use both, but you should only use ONE. One of them is the proper object to use to finish the mission and score 100%.

For now, go in the door to the upper left. You will again have to deactivate the security lock. + Have one of your men try to open the pod bay door in the pod to the right. + Take a crystal from the display on the left.

+ Use one of the uncharged capacitors on the small blue robot. There should be enough energy left in it to power it up. When Scotty tells you that you won't be able to take the capacitor out once he puts it in, tell him to go ahead and squeeze it in. The robot will come to life and start following you around. + Use Scotty on the robot, who will tell Barney (that's his name) to open the pod bay door to the right.

+ Pour both the cognac and the contents of the decanter into the pod. + Affix the silver tray to the pod. You can now use this as a charger for the capacitor. + Put your one remaining capacitor on the silver tray and wait for it to charge. + When that's done, take both the capacitor and the tray and go back in the room with the pile of garbage. + There are two ways to deal with the terrorists. One way is not the 'right' way, per se, but it will still work and will have to be the way you use if you are unable to negotiate with the terrorists (unless of course you load your saved game, which is what you should do).

I'll list the 'wrong' way first. If you do not intend to use it, skip this next section.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- USING THE TRANSPORTER TO INFILTRATE THE TERRORISTS ** If you are using the transporter, first have Scotty look at it. ** Fix the wiring with the thin gold wires. ** Install the access panel (the flat brown card in your inventory). ** Hook the capacitor up to the transporter. ** Insert the gas canister.

** Use Scotty on the transporter to beam the gas can over. ** Deactivate the security lock and go through the door. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- + If you want to negotiate with the terrorists, use the method below. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- USING THE COMMUNICATOR TO NEGOTIATE WITH THE TERRORISTS ** Have Kirk and Scotty look at the communicator.

It needs minor work. ** Put the crystal from the display, the silver tray, and the capacitor in the communicator. ** Save before you start negotiating. ** Use Kirk on the communicator.

** If at all possible, be nice to the terrorists. Don't get on their nerves or threaten them or they will cut off communications with you and you'll have to start over.

If you don't feel like looking for the most diplomatic choices, that's what I'm here for. Here's the choice order I used: 4, 1, 2, 2, 3, 1 (don't choose 2 here even though the temptation is great), 2, 1, 1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- MY SCORE: 100% Episode Seven - THOUGH THIS BE MADNESS.

----------------------------------------- o----------------------------o o----Hydroponics----Food Machine o--o----Throne Room------Grinagog----Bedroom----Playhouse o----------------------Oratory o----Secret Room Under Playhouse BEFORE THE ACTION: ------------------ + A lot goes on in these few moments, so pay attention. You get a distress signal from the Romulan Neutral Zone. It's from Sub-commander Gaion of the Warbird Infinitum, and they are under attack. The transmission is jammed at the source. Kirk won't interfere in affairs near the Romulan Neutral Zone, so he tells Scotty to take the ship to its next mission. + Next you get a Code One ('a planetary catastrophe!' Exclaims Sulu) from Admiral Richards at Starfleet saying that some aliens said they were landing in the middle of the capital city of the planet Atabis, and then abruptly cut off communication.

All attempts to reach them have since failed, so they want you, since you are the closest ship to Atabis, to go safeguard the colonists and make contact with the aliens. + Press N and choose the bright star in the far upper right corner. THE ACTION: ----------- + Choose the first choice when talking to Klarr. Kirk will then have Sulu put the Enterprise on a course parallel to the Klingon Battle Cruiser's. + Beam down to the alien ship.

You will take Spock, McCoy, and Uhura with you this time. + Talk to both people in the room you beam into. Grinagog (the one tottering back and forth in the chair) has a lot to say. While you're in here, take tricorder readings on the plants with the science tricorder - some are very interesting.

+ Go in the room to the left and talk to Jakesey. He is playing with some blocks. To get them, you will have to give him something else that he would like. + Only people of nobility are allowed to talk to Atrioli (the king). Use Uhura on him and convince him that she comes from royal blood (choice 2).

Finally having a peer of the same monarchial lineage, the king will go get some rest, trusting that you will not let others defile the throne. + There is a switch above Jakesey's head that opens the light grid over the throne. Use Kirk on it to open it. + Obtain the lightbar and the wire from inside the grid. + Go to the playhouse and try to get the bear.

You will have to beat Gormagon at chess first. Use Spock on the chess set.

Gormagon is astounded that you beat him so fast, but the move is fair, so he gives you the bear. Rackaback will then break the chess set. + Scan the playhouse with the science tricorder and the people with the medical tricorder. + Go to the oratory.

You will be 'thoroughly and efficiently scanned,' according to Spock. Talk with the Phays, the computer who seems to think it can be the perfect parent to you. + Analyze the woman in the corner with McCoy's tricorder.

Afterward, have Spock perform a mind-meld. A large conversation will ensue - fortunately, you do not have to make any choices.

+ Give the bear to Jakesey in exchange for the blocks. + Go to the hydroponics room and take the metal keg off of the rotting plant. A foul stench should fill the air.

+ Place the keg on the scanning table. The broth inside the keg is contaminated. + Use your kill phaser on the keg to sterilize the broth. + Dump the blocks that you got from Jakesey in the keg.

+ Use the phaser again - this will provide adequate nutrients for the keg and will bring the plant out of its undesirable state. + Place the keg back in the niche you got it out of. + Keep moving back and forth between adjacent screens until you see a ripe red fruit blooming from the container.

+ Go to the room with the food machine and talk to Moll. She is sad that there is no fresh food for her son. + Once you talk to her, give her the fresh fruit.

She is happy that you made the plants grow again and will allow you to give it to her son Stambob, who simply loves fresh fruit. Stambob is the blond kid sitting on the bed in the sleeping room. + Give him the fruit, then talk to him. + Talk to Stambob about everything you can, and say yes when he offers to show you the bad food.

+ Take the bad food to the room where Moll is. + Get a box of food from the machine next to Moll. + After putting the food box in the machine to the lower right, Stambob will poke his head in and tell his mom what you've done for him. They're both so happy! + Put the bad food in the combining machine. It can make a tranquilizer from the alkaloid compounds in the bad food.

Allow the machine to continue. + Put the food box in the combining machine and tell it to go ahead. You should come out with a white box with alien markings on it.

+ Talk to Moll. She will be happy to give Tuskin - the paranoid freak in the playroom - any food that you give to her. + When you use the white box on Moll, she will tell you to go give it to Tuskin, who will then call on Moll to feed it to him.

Moll is the only person Tuskin trusts. + Grab another piece of fruit off the plant in the hydroponics room.

+ Go to the playroom and give it to Tuskin. He is almost drawn in by the luscious fruit, but still calls for Moll to feed him.

She will feed him the tranquilizer. Tuskin will then fall asleep. + Talk to Gormagon. + Talk to the others to get their views on Gormagon and Rackaback. + Use your stun phaser on Rackaback and talk to Gormagon again. He will believe the good things you have done for everyone on the ship and will open the passageway to the central computer, which he feels is the right thing to do and that doing it will cause something good to happen. + Go in the hole.

+ You will need a connector and some wire to fix the interface to the right. Use the lightbar. Klarr will have a better suggestion of how to use it if you give it to him. He will unscrew the ends of the lightbar, which make better connectors. + Spock will install the connectors and Uhura will put in the wire.

The Phays will thank you for making it whole again. + Exhaust your conversational choices. When choice 3 is finished, the Phays will cause a chamber containing a paralens to descend from the ceiling. + Keep talking until Kirk stops the Phays and endeavors to find the real people behind this. The Phays will pause briefly, then open a portal for you to meet the Brassica, the people who have been administering these 'tests' over the course of a long period starting way back with the second mission (Sentinel). After the talking stops, take the paralens from the chamber.

+ Attempt to enter the portal. Klarr will exchange some nasty words with his aide. Talk to Klarr, and he will finally punch his aide out. You can then go through the portal. (There is no score for this mission.) Episode Eight.YET THERE IS METHOD IN IT -------------------------------------------- THE ACTION: ----------- + The Brassican will introduce you and then prepare you for your tests.

Obviously you do not want to decline taking them - that will put you back at your ship and you will fail the mission. Either get on with it or talk amongst yourselves.

+ If you talk it over with your crew, talk to the Brassican when you are ready to continue. + The first of the riddles is: WHO AMONG YOU GOES TO THE GREATEST PAINS IN THE PURSUIT OF LIFE? Each person has a valid answer, but know this: you should never use Kirk or Klarr to answer the questions. Their use is revealed later.

For each question I will list the riddle, every person's reasoning as to why they are the correct answer, and then whose reply is correct. Even though Kirk and Klarr are always the wrong answer, I will provide their reasoning also.

First Riddle WHO AMONG YOU GOES TO THE GREATEST PAINS IN THE PURSUIT OF LIFE? Kirk: Thinks he is the correct choice because of the weight he carries not only as a starship captain but as the representative of the Federation to the Brassica. Spock: Thinks he is the correct choice because of the fundamental Vulcan philosophy of having respect for all living things. McCoy: Thinks he is the correct choice because he is a doctor and has devoted his entire life to the preservation of health and life. Uhura: Thinks she is the correct choice because she is the only one among the group capable of bringing forth life itself, as she is the only female in the party.

Klarr: Same as Kirk, except replace 'Federation' with 'Klingon Empire.' + Uhura is the correct choice in this case. Second Riddle WHO AMONG YOU WRESTLES MOST INTENSELY WITH THE CHAOS OF LIFE?

Kirk: Thinks he is the correct choice, again due to his position as captain of a starship. Spock: Thinks he is the correct choice because of his endeavors to seek greater comprehension of the universe's nature, therefore making him the one who wrestles most intensely with the chaos of life.

McCoy: Thinks he is the correct choice because as a physician, he struggles to maintain the working order of life within the chaos of the body. Klarr: Thinks he is the correct choice because of his lineage as a Klingon of high stature. (Okay.) + McCoy is the person who should reply to the Brassican here.

Third Riddle PIG +? = COW + This is a rather interesting riddle because everyone hears a different translation. While Kirk hears PIG +? = COW, Klarr seems to have heard TLOK'POCH +? = SOGRA'NAV (tlok'plant +?

= hive paper) and Spock understood the riddle to say CHICKEN +? Each one shall come to a different conclusion that is most interesting. Kirk: Uses a complex system where he adds the values of the three letters in the word PIG (P is the 16th letter and therefore = 16, I is the 9th letter of the alphabet, etc.) and the values of the three letters in the word COW and finds the unknown quantity by using the totals of the letter values, making the equation into the form 32 +? Since 9 is the answer, and I is the ninth letter of the alphabet, Kirk comes up with PIG + I = COW. When derided, he argues his point further by noting that he has the only answer which matches the format of the question - that is, his answer is 'arithmetically framed,' and so is the query the Brassican posed.

Spock: Believes there is no logical answer. Klarr: Draws a correlation between all three equations and boils them down so that 'egg' is the unknown quantity that fits all three equations. + Spock's answer is the one accepted by the Brassican. Of course, you can also use Klarr, but it will lead to an undesirable ending at the next screen.

Fourth Riddle WHY SHOULD YOU BE THE ONE TO LEAVE THIS PLACE ALIVE? (choice 1) Kirk believes he should leave alive because the peaceful Federation would be more willing to share the Brassica's knowledge with the Klingon Empire than the reverse (i.e. The Klingon Empire sharing the Brassica's knowledge with the Federation). (choice 2) Kirk is willing to bow out since Klarr has shown himself as an amazing representative to the Brassica. (choice 3) Kirk wants both or none to proceed, as this is the fairest choice in light of both races' incredible advancement through the tests. + Obviously, choice 3 is the most unorthodox of the choices and therefore is the correct one.

When the Brassican is ready for your answer, say that you both want to go or that none of you will go at all. Your choice confounds the Brassican, but a voice from the great beyond realizes that you have done the right thing, and you are ready to meet the Brassica face to face.

You will be transported to the Brassican planet. + Xenti will greet you both and reveal your friends to you. The other Brassicans before you are named Aa and Septhi.

When the conversation ends, Septhi will go behind the wall and tell Kirk that he has something interesting to show him. + Go behind the wall and talk to Septhi. He has a paralens disc that he wants you to deliver surreptitiously to the Federation because of his misgivings about the Klingons. Accept the paralens. + Use the paralens on Klarr, but do not give it to him.

It supposedly contains a scan of Klingon space. Klarr also secretly received one, which he was told contains a scan of Federation space. + Trust in Klarr that he will do with the paralens what needs to be done with it.

I don't know if that's worded exactly as well as it could be, but when you choose the choice of words and give the lens to Klarr, he should say 'Trust engenders trust, Kirk' and smash both paralenses. Turns out both lenses are blank and there were never any scans in the first place! Everyone is happy and the Brassica look forward to a productive future with the Federation.

All's well that ends well. MY SCORE: 100% TROUBLESHOOTING =============== Obviously, with this being a PC game, someone somewhere is undoubtedly going to have trouble with the installation or some other aspect of the game's setup.

I did not take this into consideration when creating this walkthrough, and so I have added this section after receiving an e-mail from someone identifying himself only as 'Derek.' Whoever and wherever he is, thanks to him for inspiring me to add this section. NOT ENOUGH OF A CERTAIN TYPE OF MEMORY TO INSTALL THE GAME This was the problem I encountered with Derek. He e-mailed me and told me that he did not have enough EMS memory to install the game.

I looked first at Interplay's tech support site, and I believe I have the solution. It involves making a boot disk, which I am not a real big fan of, but whatever works, y'know? Anyway, if you have the same problem, here's how to make a boot disk.

Stick an empty floppy disk in your floppy drive. If you have the CD version of the game, you should be able to find a file called 'bootme.exe' on your CD. This file is not on the floppy disk version. If for whatever reason your CD does not contain this file or you get the EMS memory error with the floppy version, download bootme.exe at the Interplay website ( When bootme.exe is done downloading, open it and follow the prompts.

According to the Interplay website, there is relevant information on each page that needs to be read. I'm not going to argue with that since I've never seen this file, so go ahead and read it. Once bootme.exe is finished, you will need to restart your computer.

Make sure the floppy disk is in the drive. Because the boot disk you just made is in there, a menu should come up that allows you to configure your memory settings. The main problem with memory in this game's installation is usually with the EMS memory, so configure the system to use however much memory is needed to install Judgment Rites (I believe it takes 2MB of EMS memory to properly load Judgment Rites).

When you are done, exit the menu. You can set the computer back to its original memory settings by restarting the computer without the boot disk in the floppy drive.

After you change the memory settings, you ought to be able to successfully put the game on your computer. If this does not work, Interplay will customize a boot disk for you if you send them a copy of your autoexec.bat and config.sys files and a short description of your problem.

If that fails, I don't know what to tell you. MUSIC AND/OR SOUND IS NOT PLAYING DURING THE GAME It's one of two things: you either did not choose the right sound card in the setup (it can be easily changed by going to Setup within the Judgment Rites directory), or you do have the right sound card chosen and you're playing through Windows.

I had the latter problem; playing through DOS, as archaic as that sounds, will probably fix that problem. THE SCREEN IS BLANK WHEN I PLAY THROUGH DOS Well, first of all, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart your computer.

The only thing I can recommend at this point is playing the game in Windows. So there's no music - it's not like it's anything you can bob your head or tap your foot to, and the sounds alone are excellent, capturing all the intensity of the show from the high pitch of the tricorders to the zapping sound of the phasers to the nasty gurgling sounds made by most liquids in the game. I'm pretty sure the Interplay tech support site has something on this - I just don't remember what it is. Look it up there. CREDITS AND COPYRIGHTS ====================== I'd like to thank a few people that helped this FAQ come together. ** Interplay for a great game that truly boggles the mind.

** My dad for letting me use his laptop for my FAQ-writing purposes. ** Whoever posts this. You have to have my permission to put it up on your site though.

** Neal Lundberg, who actually had the 11th floppy disk in a shoebox in his closet! You see, there are 11 disks for the installation and I had 10 in an organized box and couldn't find the 11th! So I was at Neal's looking through a shoebox filled with video game 'antiques' (he has the instruction booklets for Mega Man 2 and 3, among other oddities) and there it was, right on top!

Thanks, Neal. ** Thanks to Derek, whoever he is, for helping me see the need for a troubleshooting section. I hoped I answered his question.

** Whoever has helped develop my writing talent. Also, I need a few things to make this walkthrough truly complete. I have not yet achieved the perfect score of 100% on the episodes 'Federation,' 'Light and Darkness,' and 'Voids.'

Although I'm sure I just made some stupid mistake on the first one, the other two have me a bit stumped as to what I didn't do. If anyone can tell me what I forgot or just didn't put in, my e-mail is. I would also like your opinions on what can make this whole walkthrough better. You will be credited for anything I use, so please either give me your name or Internet handle to post on this site. This version of this walkthrough (3.0) is (C) March 17, 2002. I worked hard on this thing, so if I find out that it got plagiarized or sold for personal gain or posted on a site without my permission, I will be furious.

Please, I'm begging on my knees, don't do anything that would require legal recourse! If you wish to print out this walkthrough, either only use it for yourself or let your friend use it for free.

You cannot sell this to anyone for profit. I won't have it. I'll leave you alone provided that you leave this walkthrough and all my others alone. Also don't link directly to this FAQ - only a page with a link leading to it. Have fun playing Star Trek: Judgment Rites!

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (a combination of flight simulator and adventure game) was the first critical and popular hit in the Star Trek computer gaming franchise. Game play is broken down into several 'episodes' reminiscent of the Star Trek television series (the game is portrayed as 'the lost fourth season').

Much like the away parties of the series, the game puts the player in control of as many as four characters at once. The adventure team consists of the series' main characters, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr. McCoy, and an occasional 'red-shirted' security officer, who is the first to be killed should the player make a fatal misstep.

Sulu, Scotty, Uhura, and Chekov would have to wait for the sequel, Star Trek: Judgment Rites (not for the Amiga), to appear on the away missions. Space combat involves maneuvering the Enterprise and firing her weapons at enemy starships. In Star Trek: 25th Anniversary the player can assign Scotty to repair the ship's systems (e.g., prop up the shields, restore weapon functionality, or repair the scanners to remove static from the main screen). Throughout the game, there are only a few instances, such as the final battle, where the player must engage in combat. Destroying the Enterprise or killing one of the main characters ends the game, requiring the player to restart from the last saved game.

This was mandated by Paramount, which had final approval rights on the game's contents. Getting a 'red shirt' killed may be accomplished in almost every episode and will not end the game, but will lower the mission score.

At the end of each mission, players received a message from Starfleet Command on how well they have done (100% being perfect and less than 50% is considered a botched mission). It is possible to complete missions while failing at every objective, giving an unsatisfying ending. At the end of the game, the player receives a final evaluation from Starfleet Command.

A 'Very High' score results in the crew being granted shore leave, while a sufficiently low score results in Captain Kirk's demotion, removal from command of the Enterprise, or a similarly undesirable ending. Source: Wikipedia. Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (a combination of flight simulator and adventure game) was the first critical and popular hit in the Star Trek computer gaming franchise. Game play is broken down into several 'episodes' reminiscent of the Star Trek television series (the game is portrayed as 'the lost fourth season'). Much like the away parties of the series, the game puts the player in control of as many as four characters at once. The adventure team consists of the series' main characters, Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Dr.

McCoy, and an occasional 'red-shirted' security officer, who is the first to be killed should the player make a fatal misstep. Sulu, Scotty, Uhura, and Chekov would have to wait for the sequel, Star Trek: Judgment Rites (not for the Amiga), to appear on the away missions. Space combat involves maneuvering the Enterprise and firing her weapons at enemy starships. In Star Trek: 25th Anniversary the player can assign Scotty to repair the ship's systems (e.g., prop up the shields, restore weapon functionality, or repair the scanners to remove static from the main screen). Throughout the game, there are only a few instances, such as the final battle, where the player must engage in combat. Destroying the Enterprise or killing one of the main characters ends the game, requiring the player to restart from the last saved game.

This was mandated by Paramount, which had final approval rights on the game's contents. Getting a 'red shirt' killed may be accomplished in almost every episode and will not end the game, but will lower the mission score. At the end of each mission, players received a message from Starfleet Command on how well they have done (100% being perfect and less than 50% is considered a botched mission). It is possible to complete missions while failing at every objective, giving an unsatisfying ending. At the end of the game, the player receives a final evaluation from Starfleet Command. A 'Very High' score results in the crew being granted shore leave, while a sufficiently low score results in Captain Kirk's demotion, removal from command of the Enterprise, or a similarly undesirable ending. Source: Wikipedia.

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