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Shigeto No Better Time Than Now Rar 320 Main

  An mp3 file is a recording. A midi file is a set of data which a synthesizer uses to recreate a specific piece. Almost sounds like the same thing doesnt it? Let me t ry to make an analogy.

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Think of an mp3 file as a tape or record that your computer plays like a tape deck or record player. Think of a midi file as a piece of sheet music which your computer reads & then plays on a virtual piano. Midi files are useful for composing or experimenting with musical pieces. I can take a midi file & with a good synth make it sound like its a piano playing it, or a guitar, or a saxophone by just clicking a few buttons. Keep in mind the average PC has a cheapo synthesizer & its going to sound like a cheap casio keyboard unless you spend some big money on a professional-grade midi synth. Mp3 files, being a verbatim recording are less versatile. What you have is all youll get, you can edit it to a large degree, but only to add audio effects such as echo or noise reduction.

You can multi-track more stuff in, but it is not possible to change the song in fundamental ways as is possible with midi. I guess a shorter way to put it is that with an mp3, your computer is playing back a recording, with midi, your computer is actually performing the piece itself. FLAC is a lossless coding (Free Lossless Audio Codec), while MP3 is always with losses (more or less depending on the bit rate). It means that an high-quality sour ce, as a good CD, ripped as FLAC can always reconstructed wit exactly the same original quality, bit by bit, while encoding as MP3 you have lost, forever, some quality. If you care about music, and have an high-quality HIFi system, FLAC is the only coding to go. Of course to listen pop music with cheap earphones and cheap portable device, MP3 is OK, but it's another matter. Only the best music pay-sites deliver for download FLAC files.

Even if you cannot ear the difference, at least see what you are loosing by checking the related link.