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Download Street Legal Racing: Redline free, Street Legal Racing: Redline allows you to experience what it would be like to race against street racers and also other. 'Redline is about the biggest and most deadly racing tournament in the universe. Only held once every five years, everyone wants to stake their claim to fame.

JP: Someone's havin' doubts, huh? Hell, I'm just trying to keep this thing interesting. You can't write me off like that. You're just a voice, pal! YOU DON'T KNOW A DAMN THING ABOUT RACING!

Redline Anime Скачать

Set in the far future, REDLINE is about the galaxy's biggest and deadliest illegal road race, only held every five years at a secret location not unveiled until practically the last minute. Naturally, everyone wants to take part, but to do so they have to qualify in one of the Yellowline races first. One such racer, 'Sweet JP', almost achieves it. Unfortunately, his prized yellow machine TRANSAM 20000 suddenly 'malfunctions' just short of the finish line.

Waking up in hospital with an arm and a leg in casts and his dreams in tatters, JP is shocked to find he has in fact made the grade. It turns out the venue has been announced— and it's the fascistic, authoritarian military superpower state of Roboworld, who aren't exactly pleased about their world being used as an impromptu racetrack and make it perfectly clear that they intend to stop the racers with extreme prejudice before the starting flag has even been dropped. As a result, two racers have already dropped out, and JP (through a popularity contest) is voted in. Produced by Studios, the directorial debut feature of Takeshi Koike and released in 2010 after spending half a decade in development, REDLINE is a racer movie unlike anything seen before and potentially one of the most daring and important anime movies of the decade. Visually, it's easy to see that Koike is a huge fan of western graphic art, and has been influenced as much by French comic artist Jean 'Moebius' Giraud, the US animated film, cult UK sci-fi comic, and even the movies as much as he has by the likes of Katsuhiro Otomo, Hiroyuki Imaishi or Leiji Matsumoto. Not that REDLINE feels or looks like a mash-up of different styles – somewhere in the visual chaos it unrelentingly throws at its audience it becomes something that is far more than the mere sum of parts, a unique piece of animation that at times doesn't even feel like anime in the traditional sense.

It was also drawn - by hand - over the course of seven years. As of late December 2011 it has been released on Bluray and DVD in the US and UK. It was dubbed and released under. REDLINE contains examples of: •: JP's mechanic Old Man Mole has a revolver shotgun that fires screwdrivers, and he uses it to during his •: Boiboi.

•: Arguably Sonoshee, although her action is limited to driving, as is nearly everyone else's. But for comparison, when faced with a missile bearing down on her, she pops open her cockpit, draws a gun, and pops the sucker right out of the air. • She also does a good job of fending off Lynchman with the missiles and machine guns on the Crab Sonoshee •: James (see below) and Frisbee. •: Secretary Titan, with a dash of as well •: Sonoshee and JP as revealed in a flashback.

Redline Anime Скачать

Incidentally, rather than jeering with all the other onlookers at her as she tried to get her car out of a ditch on her own while proclaiming that she'd compete in the Redline race, JP admired Sonoshee's determination and so as a result took up racing professionally. One when JP and Sonoshee are talking about and are interrupted by Shinkai.

The second one is interesting as it's involuntary: when Machinehead uses his steamlight nitro boost in the final stretch, Sonoshee does the same in JP's car and the extreme speed forces their faces together, though they don't lock lips. •: Sonoshee's Crab Sonoshee, which uses a hovercraft engine. •: Just before the Redline starts, the president of Roboworld orders the planet's to be fired on the dropship. Nothing happens, as Lynchman and Johnny Boya had sabotaged it beforehand. •: According to Old Man Mole, the TRZ Airmaster engines have a lot of power, but are very unstable (the one they manage to get has 35,000 horsepower). They hook it up anyway.

•: Quite a few. • Sonoshee McLaren, whose last name is an obvious reference to the racing team and sports car manufacturer. • 'Sweet JP'; says his full name is James Punkhead.

• Tetsujin (Iron Man) and his vehicle, 'God Wing' • The bio-weapon 'Funky Boy', drawing parallels to the atomic bombs 'Little Boy' and 'Fat Man'. • Secretary Titan. • It would actually be easier to name everyone without a awesome name. Even the announcer has the name 'Void-do'. His co-host has the comparatively less (but still) awesome name 'Minvera Hanasse'. •: Done by a few of the racers as you might expect, but Machinehead has real grounds for it. 'I'M THE KING OF REDLINE.'

All Redline racers would have to be if they want to take on Roboworld's racetrack while fighting the military forces there. •: JP is the only racer who doesn't pack weapons of any kind on the track. He makes up for it with and pure driving ability. •: Sonoshee in her racing outfit. •: • Machinehead is a gigantic cyborg, towered over all other characters by almost a torso length.

And he's every bit as strong and tough as he looks, a berserk Little Deyzuna almost broke his hand punching him, then Machinehead sends him flying with a flick of his hand. • His vehicle, Godwing, is no slouch in this department either. While everyone else's vehicles are at least believably car sized, Godwing is titanic, being almost as big as a small spaceship.

And just like it's driver Godwing takes the brunt of Roboworld's firepower and is still commanding a lead, even if it has to destroy the racetrack itself to do so. •: Little Deyzuna, as demonstrated during his introductory scene, or rather,. •: is enough to set him afire.

Shinkai: 'He becomes impossibly strong when he cries.' •: JP and Sonoshee. While in mid-air, in a magical field, after having just barely won the titular race. •: Sonoshee's order at Oasis appears to consist of four plates of, with the main course being an entire cooked lobster on top of a huge pile of spaghetti. She loses that appetite when she realizes the spaghetti noodles are actually living worms. • Shinkai also proves to be one in the same scene when he shows up later and scarfs down each entire plate between sentences. •: Roboworld very unexpectedly turns out to be this, with plenty of and a housing their.

•: The President of Roboworld's speech about how Roboworld is a world of peace and equality, while he yells angrily with ominous music playing in the background. •: Sonoshee had them as a girl. They show up again near the end of the movie. •: Representative of the Inuki Group gets a two screwdrivers shot into his eyes from a shotgun.

•: JP's TransAM cars are the puniest racing vehicles among those of the Yellowline and Redline contestants. They also don't have any weapons or armor and their (relatively) small engines take a while to reach a competitive top speed. However, they're much more manueverable, capable of performing daring stunts and hairpin turns that none of the other cars can, its compact size makes it very hard to hit, and its primary gimmick is its ability to get the most out of using Nitro as shown at the start of the film where he and Sonoshee use the boost at roughly the same time during a straightforward dead heat only for him to pull ahead because his car isn't burdened by the weight of the Crab Sonoshee's larger build and armaments. •: Dynamic duo Lynchman and Johnny Boya.

•: Any vehicle with wheels on it that JP sets foot in will end up becoming a smashed wreck, although it's never intentional. •: Somehow manages to manifest even in a race where anything goes; Gori-Rider, Miki and Todoroki try to just dig their way past all the deadly obstacles and lynchpin turns only to wind up in even bigger trouble and way behind all the other competitors. •: Sonoshee's steamlight pendant, and the detonator on JP's car, though not in the way you'd expect— instead of being used to kill off JP's chances of winning, it was used to gain even more speed. •: Colonel Volton, who commands his own special forces, has the authority to mobilize the planet's entire military force, and even capable of matching. •: Appropriately enough for a man of his station, Colonel Volton's helmet resembles one of these. • Each of the Redline competitors can be broken down in a particular category: • Sonoshee's Crab Sonoshee, while not as fast as the TransAM 20000, has some decent offensive options and can take a lot of punishment, making it a.

• The Superboins' Boincar, which is able to and use magic to destroy military vehicles, is a. • Lynchman and Johnny Boya's Lynchcar, which boasts powerful Sidewinder missiles and a mean rocket-anchor, yet gets thrown around a lot in the race, is a. • Miki and Todoroki's Semimaru, which is an odd, bug-like vehicle that takes advantage of Gori-Rider's excavating, uses a lot of. • Sweet JP's TransAM 20000 and Trava and Shinkai's dragster are both poorly/not at all armed and with a power-to-weight ratio that borders on insane, slotting them both neatly into.

• Gori Rider's Gorilla Tank has a built-in drill allowing it to brute-force it's way through most obstacles, even surviving drop of several stores without damage, to compensate for the fact that it's slower than the other racers making it. • Meanwhile Machinehead's Godwing is heads and shoulders above the other racers in almost all categories, but the strain of piloting it would kill a normal human, making it. Unfortunately for the other racers, Machinehead specifically modified himself to either be immune to it's drawbacks or take advantage of them, instead turning him and Godwing into a (small wonder why he's won three consecutive Redline races). • Little Deyzuna, who shows up midway through the race and not even in a customized vehicle, is a. • Could be considered a as despite being in a bog-standard vehicle he still managed to stay hot on the tails of the racers right up to the end. •: So many: • JP uses a souped-up anti-gravity bike to get around Europass.

• Miki and Todoroki's bizarre racing vehicle, 'Semimaru', has two wheels and six legs. Whether it's a or a depends entirely on which mode it's in at the time. • Crab Sonoshee is steered like a bike. • Gori Rider's 'Custom Rider' that's hidden inside his 'Gorilla Tank'.

• The Sand Bikes used by the Roboworld military. •: But of course, though JP's TransAM 20000 is the most traditional example. •: Sonoshee when she's racing; also Bosbos and Boiboi (and everyone else from planet Supergrass). •: twins Miki and Todoroki during their interview. Miki and Todoroki: GORI-RIDER, YOU MOTHERF-*BEEP* •: Little Deyzuna vs. Orrrr Little Deyzuna beats the ever living shit out of Trava.

Either's fine. •: Funky-Boy, Roboworld's top secret biological superweapon. •: Big Deyzuna. A single dose can exponentially increase the power of an engine, but most engines can only handle one tiny cap of the stuff at most before the vehicle starts to break down from the strain and unless you're a really great driver, it's hard to maneuver a Nitro boosted car on any course that isn't a straight line. Most racers prefer 'safer' upgrades like gadgets, armor, or firearms (Pops considers grafting a cannon onto the TransAM a more reasonable mod than installing an engine that can take three caps of Gold Nitro without blowing up). Some like Trava and Shinkai try to spoof the speeds granted by Nitro by using larger engines or even several at once. The fact that JP relies heavily on this feature and can weave past obstacles and other racers while using it makes him a favorite of the crowds and a dark horse upstart for his opponents.

While working off his and Frisbee's debt to the mafia, he had been caught red-handed once in fixing one of the races, which led to him spending some time in the prison. Sonoshee learns about this when watching the news report on TV. •: Away from the race track, Sonoshee is very reserved and has little inclination to meet with other people let alone romance, but JP quickly whittles away at her.

•: Think of a more realistic. •: JP during Yellowline, complete with a closeup of his nose bleeding from the excessive speed. •: The racer ' Hamesh Frini, AKA Gori Rider' was caught on camera beating up his opponents (Miki and Todoroki to be precise), and having an affair with a. When asked about it by reporters, he attacked them too.

•: JP loses the qualification round for the titular Red Line race. However, when multiple qualifiers back out (due to the race being set on a ), JP qualifies due to popular vote.

Sabose apparently can't fight the Superboins seriously. Colonel Volton: 'I'm gonna have your a** if you don't stop messing around with those cosplaying rejects from a porno!'  • The cosplayers remark in the original line was aimed at, so it was more a shot at his inability to stop any of the bizarre cast members. •: • The Boincar is a pink dragster styled to look like a woman lying on her back with her legs in the air. Make of it what you will. • The President of Roboworld makes grandiose statements about 'ensuring justice' and 'being a symbol of humanity that exists for peace'.

They also build an alarming number of weapons of mass destruction. • Godwing's tip looks suspiciously phallic when Machinehead activates the platinum nitro charge. It doesn't help that Machine head is right at the tip of it glowing red and orange from the friction.

•: Representative of the Inuki Group, worried JP might not throw the race, says that they're about to see how close JP and Frisbee are. On the face of it, he's asking if JP cares about Frisbee enough to take the dive for him, but it could also apply to whether or not Frisbee cares enough about JP to keep from detonating his car to make sure he doesn't win. •: Volton is actually this to the Roboworld President, being in control of nearly all military operations against the Redline racers.

•: Everybody. •: JP and Sonoshee ultimately win the Redline race together,. As an added extra, there's a shot. •: Sonoshee is not happy to discover that the racing title the media have given her is 'Cherry-Boy Hunter'. •: All the Redline racers manage to make it through the death trap race. In fact, the only casualties in the whole movie are Big Deyzuna, the mob boss and his two goons, and a bunch of Roboworld mooks that get vaporized by Funky Boy.

•: Secretary Titan, who lets out a rather phlegmatic air compared to the rest of the Roboworld officers. •: Like the Crab Sonoshee, the Lynchcar is a (and is the only other) Redline vehicle that hovers instead of using wheels, allowing it to 'drive' on water. However, while they're both loaded with weapons, the Crab Sonoshee was built with a higher emphasis on durability and speed while the Lynchcar puts a premium on either pulling its rivals out of the way with its anchors or simply blowing them up with its other armaments. Their drivers quickly earn one another's ire at the very start of the race with Lynchman and Johnny Boya becoming secondary antagonists to Sonoshee as a result. •: An entire restaurant full of fish tanks.

•: Most of the other racers and characters are imported from previous Takeshi Koike / Katsuhito Ishii productions (e.g. Miki and Todoroki are from, and Trava and Shinkai were from a four part series called Trava: Fist Planet) • Johnny Boya and Lynchman's car is the taken. And Johnny Boya is, down to the voice. • JP looks somewhat like. • According to some, Shinkai looks and sounds reminiscent of. • Funky Boy is a hideously powerful baby-like being kept dormant in an underground military facility only to be let loose and wreak unstoppable havoc, even after being shot with an orbital cannon.

Remind you of? • Or an even more similar, intentionally that spits lasers and was activated too soon. •: Miki and Todoroki hitch a ride on Gori Rider's Gorilla Tank as he tunnels under a minefield before embarking on their own tunnelling adventure and winding up in the lead.

•: When she's off the race-track, Sonoshee is no tomboy. She can also cook one delicious looking sukiyaki-like bowl. •: Not as cutesy as other examples, but you wouldn't expect the name Funky Boy to be given to a nigh-unstoppable, Godzilla-sized bioweapon who screams and has a so powerful that it can come back from being head-shotted by a with the power of a nuke.

•: Sonoshee's talk about the steamlight on her pendant - 'They say if you pop it in your tank, it releases 100 times more energy than gold nitro'. This is what JP ends up using to get a final boost near the end of the Redline. •: Sonoshee ordered the exotic looking seafood sphaghetti stew. Then JP pointed out that the thing is actually an when the 'sphaghetti' starts moving around. That said, Shinkai thought it was delicious when she handed it off to him. •: The mob boss is the same man who inspired JP to race in the first place, judging by his appearance and his two girls. •: In addition to being JP's chief (and only) engineer, Pops is also a prolific junk dealer who's aiming to make a tidy sum through trading his wares during the Redline frenzy and is savvy enough to snag the very last Airmaster engine for the TransAm.

•: Funky Boy is vaporized by Roboworld's, but still manages to regenerate from some leftover bits. •: JP and Sonoshee race Machinehead at incredible speeds, with JP winning by the tuffs of his hair (literally) and the movie ends with JP and Sonoshee kissing while floating in blue fire. Oh, and the final second of the movie is just LOVE with curly letters.

•: Sonoshee after winning the Yellowline. Later on, the Boinboins get in on it too.

Minerva Hanness, former Redline champion and current Redline news anchor. •: Happens several times into the Redline race. • When Volton with his special forces getting owned by the racers, he orders the mobilization of the planet's entire military force. • The Superboins break their 'no magic' promise when Roboworld's troops corner them. • Colonel Volton transforms himself into an in order to fight evenly with Funky Boy.

•: There isn't much blood in this movie (It's a racing movie. Why would it need blood?) but they have enough blood for several movies of this type during Old Man Mole's moment with the screwdriver shotgun. •: Everyone who didn't make it to the finish line, for a refreshing change.

The entire race comes off as a badassery competition, and part of it is this trope. Everyone seems to be just honored to be present when JP and Sonoshee ride the shockwave of their own damned exploding engine over the Redline. Machinehead pops not one but two Steamlights, and still shows an amazed pride at the event. • Which is kind of a mood backlash given that he was talking trash to them just a moment earlier, but it's implied that Sonoshee is his daughter/junk dealer, gave her a Steamlight, meeting her for dinner).

Perhaps he was trying to motivate them both, and saw winning the Redline as a for her, and proof of JP's suitability for him. • None of the other racers save JP, Sonoshee, and Tetsujin entertain any chance of winning first place at the final stretch of the race, but keep going full throttle anyways purely to get first-class, front-row seats to see how the race ends. •: The racer's taunts and dialogue between each other can get downright silly.

Here's an example. Trava: You think you're going to take me out that easy, you scumbag? Deyzuna: I've been waiting a long time for this.! Trava: Come and get it,! Deyzuna: MY RIDE IS GOING TO WHIP YOUR SORRY ASS! Trava: IN YOUR DREAMS YOU SLIMY PIECE OF SHIT! Shinkai: COME AND GET ME YOU PUSSY!

•: When they're not racing, Bosbos and Boiboi pose and preen so much that it's almost ridiculous. Most obvious is Lynchman and Johnny Boya, who not only are in-universe crimefighters/bounty hunters, but also have their own movie series and toy line. Then there's Trava and Shinkai, who are actually from another series and have some sort of offscreen story with Little Deyzuna. Basically anyone who gets a significant amount of screentime but isn't part of Roboworld or involved with JP, Sonoshee or Machinehead has their own little story offscreen. •: The Superboins' Boincar is able to transform into one of these. The flight-capable mechas from the Roboworld army also qualify. •: Bosbos and Boiboi found time to release a CD in between the racing and.

•: JP's epic pompadour; how he keeps it that way without product is a mystery. It's even the reason he won, because it was the first part of him to cross the finish line.

• Oddly enough, he is shown combing it in the first 15 minutes to keep it out of his eyes. Still a mystery how it stays up though. •: All the racers have one. For instance, 'Sweet JP' is a snarky epithet hurled at him by the others because he’s too fair-minded to use landmines, rocket-propelled grenades or tactical nukes just to win a race. •: In a movie this awesome, you knew it would happen.

But JP and Sonoshee manage to achieve it by having Frisbee and the Old Man detonate their engine remotely, which somehow leads to them going even faster, and being little more than strapped to a hunk of metal propelled by a continuous explosion. •: JP has one particular moment of ham when he announces his intent to drive in the Redline. JP: 'here, give me that *grabs the closest video camera and points the lense at him* ROBOWORLD! HERE I COME!!' • And Psychoman, the racer from early on in the Yellow Line who takes pressing a button up to levels of ham.

He yells 'TAKE THIS!' So loud spittle flies out his mouth, and pushes the button so hard the glass over it shatters. •: When discussing some parts of the people have the tendency to UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ. •: Funky-Boy, Roboworld's bioweapon, which is locked in Zone 7X.. Later on, Volton in order to fight Funky Boy.

•: Roboworld has one, and they use it twice: the first attempt, targeting the Supergrass ship carrying the REDLINE racers, fails thanks to Lynchman and Johnny-Boya sabotaging the cannons. The second attempt manages to destroy Funky Boy; however, it regenerates. •: Several, given this is a.

• The president of Roboworld, who makes grandiose speeches about 'ensuring justice' and 'being a symbol of humanity that exists for peace', despite building various weapons of mass destruction. • Also, Machinehead (well he is voiced by after all).

• Then there's Colonel Volton, voiced by the largest ham of voice actors:. • The unnamed announcer introducing all the racers (In Japanese, mind you) might just out-ham all of them. Announcer: 'MIKI ANDO TODOROKEEEEEEEEEEAAAAH!!'

' •: Sonoshee comments that her butt can be seen on the TV, while viewers of the movie while during that particular moment. •: Most characters have them, though the notably reoccurring ones are Machinehead's, Lynchman and Johnny Boya's, and the Super Boins'. •: ALL of the racers (well, except Gori Rider). On the track, they're perfectly willing to blast each other with Sidewinder missiles, but off it, 'We're all racers, we're here to show off how badass we are, not slaughter each other like those fuddy-duddy Roboworlders.' Machinehead shows up while Little Deyzuna is picking a fight with Trava, and the mere presence of a seven-foot tall cyborg distracts the Roboworlder enough for the racer to wander off. He then gets in Machinehead's face, but the big man merely says 'Fine. I'll walk around you.'

Manly men are Redliners, even when they're sexy girls. •: Sonoshee doesn't remember, but JP saw her when she was a kid and he was smitten ever since. •: The entire goddamn movie. Even more so when Nitro/Steamlight is used by having time slow down and the cars/drivers stretching before launching away. Near the finish line, JP (while using the Steamlight boost plus the explosive under his wheels) sees the finish line in extremely slow motion.

•: Everyone qualifies for just surviving in their cars, but JP and Sonoshee deserve props for the former surviving at least 4 car crashes (One was at 300 km/h. JP was miraculously unharmed.) that we know of over the course of the movie, 3 without any sort of bodily harm, and Sonoshee being in his car in the final crash, both of them with no noticeable harm. • Also, Tetsujin. He swallowed not one, but TWO steamlights and survived. •: Inuki Group. •: technology. •: Machinehead cried the first time he won the Redline.

•: Big Deyzuna, whom we see a close up of when he's being vaporized by 'Funky Boy' •: Bosbos, Boiboi and the boin part of 'SUPERBOINS' are all japanese onomatopoeia for • Tetsujin, part of Machinehead's name, means in Japanese. • aside, the Semimaru is named after a cicada, hence the and feature. •: While there is no 'mid-season' per se, after the Yellow Line Sonoshee and JP both get upgrades to their vehicles. Sonoshee has a third engine attached to the back while JP's Trans AM is completely overhauled, gaining a superior engine, fifth wheel and overall more angular design. In the segments featuring the other racers, this happened to Machinehead's Godwing (with each successive Redline win) and Lynchman's Lynchcar (the last model of which is now on sale in model-form in-universe). The other riders seem to have kept their original rides. •: summed it up as, 'as if the cast of raced through minefields on the North Korean border or the cast of took on.' Episcopal Book Of Occasional Services Pdf Writer on this page.

• Its also being called meets, taken both in sheer.

Street Legal Racing: Redline allows you to experience what it would be like to race against street racers and also other racing clubs. You can buy cars, and lots of other parts and options that allows you to customize your car to the fullest possible extent. As and when you beat other racers and clubs on the street, you will get upgrades that you can use in your car and make it the most undefeatable ride on the street. You can either start off with a brand new car or with a used one and then race it for exchange of money. Street Legal Racing: Redline is a very realistic game that allows you to get a firsthand experience of the cops, the cars and most certainly of the crashed that are going to happen in the game. The physics of the game allow you to experience the dents and the damages that the car will incur in the game and you will have to fix before the match.

There is a status bar in the game, and that displays the levels to which your car has been damages; the green light means that your car is fine, yellow indicates that the car needs repair, and read means that your car may breakdown at any minute. There are numerous game modes in Street Legal Racing: Redline and you can choose the easiest one in the beginning and slowly make your way up to the more challenging ones once you have mastered the basics of the game. During the day you race for prestige and respect on the streets and when night falls, you have a whole different ballgame involving pink slips and money.

If you are a huge fan of racing care games that are inspired from the movie Fast and Furious, then Street Legal Racing: Redline is the game for you.