I386 Asms Error Installing Xp

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Trying to do a 'repair' re-install of Windows XP Home Edition. I get through the loading of files and into the first installation window of Windows XP (after the 1st restart) and then get the system windows asking for 'The File ASMS on Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1 CD is needed. Type the path where the file is located and then click OK/B]'. The text in the path text box is 'GLOBALROOT DEVICE CDROM0 I386'. The ASMS file (directory) is in the 1st level directory of I386 on the CD. This is also a valid OEM CD with the Hologram.

Windows XP Setup issue - File 'ASMS' is. And that is not the only thing that has happened since this install. Even when the XP disc is inside. And the asms error.

I386 Asms Error Installing Xp

The system has two CD drives; one is a CD drive and the other is a DVD/CD RW drive. It seems it is not communicating with the drive properly. I've tried D: I386, E: I386 & F: I386. Basically, I've tried to do it about any way I can think of. Even tried using each of the CD drives.

I'm running out of ideas and really don't want to lose the 'not backed up' data on the HD with a full re-install of Windows. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. Would be very grateful for any input!

It worked just as stated! I now reached the loading of the drivers in the installing phase. It gets about 65% of the drivers loaded and then asks for 'Please insert the Compact Disk labeled ' VIA AGP Filter Driver Disk' into your CDROM driv e (D and then click OK. You can also click OK if you want files to be copied from an alternate location, such as a floppy disk'. I found it at the URL: and loaded the driver to floppy and so far so good... Baixar Cd Do Patati Patata Volta Ao Mundo.

Everything 'finally' completed. Thank you again for your quick response!

This is happily resolved!!! Click to expand.Hi, I just found this forum today by doing a Google search for the phrase quoted above. I have a friend who cannot get her computer to start up. It is saying this message. She has the Windows XP SP2 disc, and she put it into the CD-ROM, but nothing is getting her past this message.

She tried to do a SHIFT+F10, and nothing happened. Does anyone have some steps I can print out before I go to her house to try to fix her computer.

Should I download some files to a CD before I go over there? She only has a CD-ROM. She does have a floppy disc drive. I am going over there in an hour or so.

Please let me know if you have any advice.

I am having the exact same problem as the originator. I am running a Tyan Dual 1.2 setup with lilo swiching between a 40gig fat32 drive and a 40gig linux drive. I remade the partition on the primary master which is the fat32 drive and formatted it. Then went to install and it copied all the files properly with no hitch then in 5 secs of the actual install under the XP gui it popped up: 'Error: Installation Failed: D: i386 asms. Error Message: The parameter is incorrect. Xxx Fatal Error: One of the components that windows needs to continue setup could not be installed. The paramter is incorrect.'

If anyone is smarter than me which is prolly everyone on these boards please have charity on me and help me. Thanks Josh RE: XP install problem (TechnicalUser) 28 Aug 02 15:38. I too was plaqued by similar problems in loading WinXP.

After over 6 hours with Microsoft, they said I had a bad disk. I was running an ASUS A7v266-C with Athlon 1800XP+. I tried using both my CD-RW and my DVD burners.

You won't guess what it was. A poor (not bad, it works fine with Win98) but poor quality DDR stick. It was brand new like everything else in the system but it was the inexpensive on sale DDR. I took it back and got a named brand, installed it and was up and running fully loaded in 35 minutes. It seems when copying all the files, (there are 5,082) for WinXP to your C Drive, everything goes through the RAM.

If it is poor quality, it won't quite copy all the files completely. When I finally got my name brand and held them up next to each other, the difference between the two was like a Seal Team standing next to Cub Scouts. You could actually see the difference in the quality of workmanship. Best of luck to you RE: XP install problem Guest (visitor) 19 Sep 02 20:16. Well I just lost at 667mhz p3 motherboard to someone with a bad habit of proping their coke on the pc case.

So I replaced it with an amd athelon800 and asus a7v133 mb. I was getting can't continue, the error number is 7. Quite useful. Turns out if you plug the drives into the ata100 ports on the mb, XP will blow up and not load.

A swap of cables to the regular ide controller fixed the install issues. And that, my friends, is another sad feather in the microsoft hat of infinite screwups. And people wonder why i prefer Linux to this stuff? RE: XP install problem (IS/IT--Management) 7 Oct 02 08:44.

After three days of fighting this issue on my own Tyan S2460 w/ U160 SCSI chain, it boiled down to the CD itself. The two optical drives that are normally on the chain (Yamaha CRW2100S and Pioneer DVD-303) generated different but drive-unique, repeatable errors when attempting to install XP Pro from a CD-R. Reinstalling the drive that wrote the CD-R (Matsushita CW-7502-B) cleared the issue. I'm thankful the copy finally worked, since my Australian Shepherd puppy made confetti of the original. I suspect it isn't the drive, so much as the CD-R stock being used outside it's stated speed range. I'll be wasting an hour or two testing the theory.

RE: XP install problem (TechnicalUser) 22 Oct 02 16:09. I experienced the same error that midway22 (Visitor) posted on Aug 28, 2002: When attempting to install WinXP Pro, about 3/4 through setup it bombed with: 'Error: Installation Failed: D: i386 asms. Error Message: The parameter is incorrect. Fatal Error: One of the components that windows needs to continue setup could not be installed. The paramter is incorrect.'

And my fix was the same as midway22's -- XP will not install properly with my Yamaha Burner -- I put in a regular CD-ROM and reinstalled WinXP Pro without a problem. Of course I put my Yamaha Burner back in after the first successful boot and everything appears to be working.