Gunlord Sega Dreamcast Iso Download

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Free download of Volgarr the Viking for the Sega Dreamcast. I sold this Collectors Edition with my Limited Edition of Gunlord (also for the Sega Dreamcast).

At a very slow but steady drip our beloved Sega Genesis and Mega Drive game library is still growing. And this latest addition looks like it could be something special. Xeno Crisis by is a current Kickstarter campaign which was fully funded within it’s first 40 hours. But don’t you worry there is still plenty of time to get in on the action yourself. Head on over to right now for all the details. If you want to stick around I’ll share some of the highlights right here.

Gunlord Sega Dreamcast Iso Download

The screen shot below speaks for itself. This does not look like any Homebrew game. It looks amazing. Before I knew for certain that Xeno Crisis was being built specifically for the Sega Genesis and Sega Mega Drive I thought the graphics looked too good and this must be destine for PC or modern console as another retro inspired video game. It certainly is retro inspire but it is also for certain going be on cartridge for play on your Sega Mega Drive and Sega Genesis video game console. And if that is not enough it’s getting a port for the Sega Dreamcast as well. “Xeno Crisis is a new, original title for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis which will be released both as a physical cartridge and also as a downloadable ROM.

At its core, it’s an arena shooter that takes inspiration from the likes of Smash TV, Contra, Mercs, Granada, Alien Syndrome, Zombies Ate My Neighbours, Chaos Engine, and Shock Troopers.” In addition to the inevitable running and gunning (with optional two-play co-op) this game is going to throw our way it has a lot more going on. Spending ‘dog tags’ collected from the guts of fallen Xenomorphs will allow you to upgrade your Marine. This includes increasing your Marine’s base stats and extending the carrying capacity of a variety of different items. “The player has several weapons at their disposal, but ammo is limited so the player must constantly be on the move, grabbing new weapons and extra ammo as they go. When a room has been cleared of all hostiles the player can choose which exit to take, with the aim being to rescue any of the colony’s inhabitants who might still be alive, and then progress to the area’s boss. There are 5 areas in total, each with their own enemies, hazards, secrets and gameplay nuances.” And what weapons are at your disposal?

Gunlord Sega Dreamcast Iso Download

A grand total of 9 unique guns in addition to grenades. I feel this will add a lot of variety and fun to the game. I am hoping for a bit more variety in Xenomorphs. Currently there are four different types. But the game is still in it’s early stages and maybe we’ll see more as development continues.

Have you been noticing how fantastic the graphics are in Xeno Crisis? Yeah, I have too. And there’s a good reason for it. Exceptionally great talent is at work here. Exceptionally great talent continued Of course sound is also very important and it is also getting the same treatment.

“The focus of Xeno Crisis’ gameplay is the intense combat which pits you against thousands of alien enemies – the player takes control of a battle-hardened marine who is able to move and shoot in 8 directions, and can also perform an evasive roll to get out of tricky situations. If things get really desperate then the marine can also use a grenade to destroy anything near him, giving him a brief moment of respite.”. On June 11, 2011 I wrote my first post here at (the site was called The Sega Collection at that time). The subject of that post was. It’s a turned based strategy game that I really enjoy but was unable to pick-up complete for a good price. If I remember right it was often listed for $50 complete while I was hoping to find it for $20. No real surprise but I should have paid that price way back then.

The loose cart that I did find in 2011 was a super deal for $5 but far from complete and in pretty rough shape. Now, almost 6 years later I have a complete Warsong. All thanks to who took me to the this past April 2nd. My new and beautiful Warsong was purchased from my buddies at Warsong was priced at $110 CAD and I gave Retro Game Bros. Batman Returns, Tiny Toons (for the Sega Genesis), Samurai Spirits! And Puzzle Bobble Mini (for the Neo Geo Pocket Color) (all complete) and $70 cash.

I had been trying to sell these games for a long while without success and I was ready to unload them. I was happy for the discount.

Next up, from a different vendor at the Barrie Game Exchange is Pink Goes to Hollywood for $15. Which was much easier on the wallet. I didn’t notice at first that the manual has a barcode sticker stuck on it and I might try to remove it at some point. A sticker on paper will be hard to remove and might not be possible.. Sports games the last refuge for cheap retro video games.

Wold Championship Soccer II for $3. And Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge for $4. I have a friend who regularly sells games at these venues.

He collects by buying large lots of games, taking what he likes and then re-sells the rest. He was at this Barrie Game Exchange and he had put a few games aside that I asked for and they were there waiting for me. A long while ago I asked him for Psychic World only later realizing that I have it. But since mine was missing the manual and not in perfect shape I ended up swapping mine for his and giving him some cash. I handed over $40 and my copy for a complete and very good condition Psychic World and Ranma ½ for the PC Engine. He also gave me 3-D Glasses for the Sega Master System for free. Adaptor and Glasses.

I tried them and they are not completely working. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fix them. But if I can I’ll write a post about that endeavor. A few years ago a good friend gave me my Turbo Grafx-16 with CD unit. In it was Ranma ½ for the PC Engine. It was a loose CD and I wanted to get a complete copy.

Which is why I bought this new Ranma ½. What I didn’t realize is there are more than one Ranma ½ for the PC Engine. My first Ranma ½ is a fighting game like Street Fighter and the new one is a platformer.

My first Ranma ½ will have to get completed some other time. Next up is Space Harrier for the Turbo Grafx-16. It’s missing the cardboard box but it does have the jewel case, manual, Hu Card and sleeve. With this vendor I was able to trade Space Harrier straight up for a complete English Crush Roller for the Neo Geo Pocket Color.

This Crush Roller that I traded I originally received in exchange for a boxed Phantasy Star for the Sega Mark III a few years back. In the Retro Scene trading is the circle of life. A long time ago I picked up a boxed Dreamcast Keyboard and when I saw this Dreamcast Mouse for $20 I thought it was time to complete the set. At first I was surprised to see that the Dreamcast mouse is a ball mouse and not a laser mouse but then I remembered it’s age. The mouse is in great shape and it looks like it’s never been used.

For a short one hour trip it made for a fun day. With any luck will post finds soon. He had a much bigger day than I did! So my Sega Dreamcast just got a healthy injection of post-Dreamcast-era games. Thanks to Indie developer I now have Gunlord, Fast Strikers and Last Hope which were ported from their original platform on the Neo Geo AES and the. Despite hearing very good things about Gunlord I kept passing on the Dreamcast version which was previously selling for about 50 EUR.

Which is radically cheaper than the Neo Geo versions which sell for about 400 EUR (~$440 USD, $574 CAD). After what must have been months I finally I snapped out of crazy and I surfed my way back to to get a copy only to realize that it was gone Some time has passed since then and Gunlord has returned in a with Fast Strikers and Last Hope. By the time I found this bundle the original price was reduced from 102 EUR to 79 EUR and I knew it was time. Even though I was really only after Gunlord I felt that the extra money for two additional games was worth the risk considering I have never played any these titles before. In addition to a more attractive price the cases were changed from the to really beautiful jewel cases that make this release look just like original Japanese Dreamcast games (Complete with a and a transparent spine).

Inside and out all three games really do look fantastic. So far I have played one of these new additions, (the main event) Gunlord. Before owning the game I was unsure of the quality and hopeful it would be a cool platformer.

I was even more worried that it might be much too hard consider it’s heritage of coming first from the Neo Geo. My first experience with Gunlord was really awesome.

It is a really fun ‘run and gun’ platformer. It is not too difficult and a blast to play. You get a health bar, extra lives and a bunch of continues. The controls are perfect and you have a very good variety of weapons and skills.

Everything is there to have a really enjoyable experience your first time out while at the same time veterans will have a serious challenge on their hands if they’re looking for a crazy high score or a 1CC (One Credit Clear). Have a look at this Classic Game Room Review to see Gunlord in action: Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save. Recently while visiting the forums over at I discovered some very exciting news. Not only has the wickedly brutal (and awesome) platformer Volgarr the Viking been ported to the Sega Dreamcast but the developers have declared that the Dreamcast version of Volgarr the Viking is entirely free.

If you have a Sega Dreamcast and a blank CD you can have a legitimate copy of a game that I personally feel is outstanding. I mean really outstanding. This game is one of the most challenging games I have ever play while at the same time it is wildly fun despite countless deaths!

Very tight and responsive controls make you one with Volgarr. Every brilliantly executed double jump, spear throw and downward stab is a victory crafted by you. You’ll also feel entirely responsible every time Volgarr explodes into a cloud of guts and bones. When I first tried out this version my Dreamcast was hooked up to an older 50″ 720p DLP TV. My first impression was that the Dreamcast controller wasn’t quite as good as my PC Logitech controller. Then when I moved my Dreamcast over to my CRT TV I noticed that the Dreamcast controller was just fine. What I had been experiencing on the 50″ HD TV was a very small amount of input lag.

The only reason I moved to a different TV was so that I could record the above video clip and I’m glad I did it. Volgarr the Viking is very challenging and the input lag would have been the end of me. Compared to the PC version this port is almost perfect. The Dreamcast does have some noticeable load times between check points but they are short and will not at all hurt your enjoyment of the game. The gameplay itself is identical. The Sega Dreamcast is an excellent place to experience this really well made game.

Volgarr really will demand your best performance. I use to have Stage 1 and 2 down to an art. It surprised me how rusty I’ve become! But the point here is to see Volgarr live on a Sega Dreamcast and for you to start enjoying it for yourself 😀 Free download of Volgarr the Viking for the Sega Dreamcast: A big ‘Thank You!’ to Crazy Viking Studios for offering the game for free and to Marc Hall for porting the game to the Dreamcast. It was the year 2012 when I pledged $125 UDS to the for the Sega Dreamcast. Today, just about three years later my Pier Solar Collector’s Edition has arrived. My first thought was ‘Man, this thing is heavy’.

Then after opening the shipping package my first impression was a pure and unbridled ‘Wow’. The first point I want to make is that the quality of everything I’m about to show off is amazing. I have previously purchased and it was then when I understood that the creators () value producing a very high quality product. And even now with my expectations set so high Watermelon Team managed to surprise me with this collectors edition. Below is what came out of the package that I found on my door step.

Right away I knew exactly what the jewel case was; my copy of Pier Solar HD for my Sega Dreamcast. Which is beautiful by the way.

Packed with a professionally pressed Disc, cover insert, poster, stickers and a fat manual. The Jewel case has no room to spare. But what are these other two significantly larger items? You’ve grown! Collectors and Guide.

Beneath the light brown Watermelon wrapping paper I found a very thick and sturdy white box with a flip top. In the cardboard box I found the Pier Solar Strategy Guide.

Some goodies. Lots of goodies! When opening the huge white Collectors Edition box I learned that my edition of Pier Solar HD is print number 595 of 999. I then found the Collector’s Edition disc of Pier Solar which looks the same as the regular edition you see in plastic in the first two images above. But there was still so much more room in this box.

There is more much more. Over the years Watermelon has dropped hints as to what we might find; including mention of figures.

But beyond that I had no idea what to expect. My very first collectible video Game Mug Run Edessot! Again, just like the game, the quality of the mug and figures is outstanding. To me the frog and the chicken feel like mascots for Watermelon Team. They are simple yet clever keep-sake’s that really capture the mood of Pier Solar. Of course the inclusion of Edessot one of the main characters is fantastic.

I find it amusing that the first thing that came to mind when I saw the mug was ‘Well, I don’t have the but I’ve got the Pier Solar Mug!’ 😀 The game. Above you can see the contents of the Jewel case (which doesn’t include the figures). The Disc and the manual really stand out. They look really good. Strategy guide. Lots of images and text.

Pictures don’t do the Pier Solar Strategy Guide justice. This is a heavy hard cover book weighing in at 446 pages! I really could have used this sucker on my first play through of Pier Solar. Very detailed. World Map And at the back of the book you’ll find a very nice world map of Pier Solar. And in the jewel case you’ll find an extremely gold Pier Solar poster. Quality is exploding from this collectors edition which has turned out to be so much more than I expected.

When I pledged my money I wanted a copy of Pier Solar for my Sega Dreamcast and to support a company that is doing amazing things for Retro Video Gaming in the end I feel like I made out like a bandit to have scored this ‘literal’ treasure box. Thank you Watermelon Team!! **Update** July 2016.

I have sold my Dreamcast Pier Solar collectors Edition. As nice as it is I wanted a bit of extra money for other games. I still have my Dreamcast Pier Solar regular edition and the Pier Solar Strategy Guide and my Sega Mega Drive Pier Solar Posterity Edition and my Sega Genesis / Mega Drive regular edition. So I’m good for Pier Solar! I also have it for PS4 but who’s counting? 😀 I sold this Collectors Edition with my Limited Edition of Gunlord (also for the Sega Dreamcast). I sold both together for $270 CAD.

Pier Solar I had originally bought for $125 USD (on par with CAD at the time) and Gunlord LE for about 50 Euro. I certainly would not have sold it at a loss. It’s a great product and I do miss it already. I’ve since replace my Dreamcast Gunlord with the. What do you do if you find 45 of your favorite video game consoles listed for sale on the local classifieds (Kijiji)? Well, you buy them you buy them all.

Many of the systems you see below do not work for one reason or another. For the ones that do I’m going to clean them up and sell them for a fair price. I want to get them back into the hands of retro gamers. **Yeah, I’m going to pretend that I’m righteous and all that 😛 My other motivation is to have some hardware to work on. I’d love to see if I’m able to repair some or all of the broken consoles. Those buckets be full! That’s a lot of Retro.

Both me and these old video game consoles have a long journey ahead of us. I have big plans and I know it will take time. Will I make any money on this venture? I’m guessing if I do it will not be a lot but at the same time I dove in because the price was right and I don’t think I’m at risk of losing much money either.

I paid $180 CAD for everything you see in the bins (I had to give the bins back). So that’s $4 per console! But the lot was sold ‘as is’ and yes many do not work. Before the purchase I estimated that I’d only need about 6 or 8 in working condition to make my original $180 back so it felt like a safe gamble. Bucket Close-up 01 Bucket Close-up 02 What I was concerned about (which is turning out to be true) is it’s hard to sell loose systems. Most people are going to want a system with a power cable, a video cable and at least one joystick.

So I’ve anticipated that this little project will take a long time to complete. But that’s OK and it’s somehow comforting have an army of (mostly) Sega consoles in the basement.

Want to get a better idea of what 45 consoles look like? Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s like heaven fell from the stars. For a loose working system (any Sega Master System, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis or Sega Saturn) I decided to sell each for $30 CAD. Is that a fair price?

I think it is except maybe for the Genesis consoles. They are pretty common and I personally believe $20 would be a great price so what does that say about $30? Maybe once I’ve made my money back I’ll considering selling loose Genesis consoles for less Or Plan B; see below: This massive heap of consoles actually did come with a bunch of. But again just like the consoles many do not work. And even if a joystick works I need to be sure it’s working well. However, since some of them are in good order I decided to throw some more money into this venture and buy some third party power and video cables and make a few of these systems whole.

Yes, my costs goes up but I think I’ll be able to sell them faster this way. For an additional $160 CAD I managed to buy power and video cables for most of the systems. I got a good price on the cables at just about $10 for a set (one power cable, one video cable). I valued any good working joystick at $10.

So for a complete systems I added in my cost and I’ll sell them for $50 or possibly $60 for those that are in better cosmetic condition or if it comes with a game or something. I’ve already had these consoles for a few months now and I have made some sales (locally on Kijiji). Slowly but surely it’s happening. So far I’ve sold five consoles and I’ve given away two complete Genesis console to two cousins who I recently found out were into retro gaming. I also gave each of them a flash cart so they’ll have lots to play. Before I bought the flash carts I tried finding cheap loose carts of a few good games and it was so expensive that I just gave up. Here’s what I’ve sold so far (all in CAD dollars).

This lot also came with a Super Famicom and a PAL Genesis. I think I’ll keep both of those for myself. It also came with two Sega Master System II’s. Enterprise Architect 10 Serial there. I was really surprised when I noticed that the SMS II only has a coaxial RF video port; which boasted the worst possible video quality. I like the look of the SMS II so I think I’ll see if I can do an s-video mod on them and make them more desirable. As it stands I have five consoles left that are working right now. Selling them loose will get the rest of my money back. Selling them complete (which I think I can do) will net me about $100.

And if I can fix any of the others, well, that would be just groovy.