Full Range Driver Speaker Kits

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Fullrange Drivers made by VOXATIV We do build all our full-range drivers by ourselves. Only the highest quality materials are used, and all assembly and calibration is done manually, here in Germany. We subject all our drivers to a 24-hour endurance test and inspect them again very thoroughly before they are dispatched.

Full Range Driver Speaker Kits

This ensures that you receive a premium product built to the very highest precision. It results in a sound which is a delight to experience, even for those with little interest in hifi.

All VOXATIV models are always on display in our studio in Berlin, where we’d be delighted to demonstrate them to you.

The product title says 'Pair' and then the Price says 'Each' which is a bit confusing! (lol) I have a pair of the FE-103's and whether or not you like the sound they produce is very much a matter of personal taste. The phase coherence aspect in the mid and high frequencies is unique to single driver systems, and especially when you use a separate subwoofer to minimize cone excursion and the resulting IM Doppler distortion effects. Listening to my pair of FE-103's is a nice change of pace on occasion but I still prefer the sizzle of my Monitor Audio Bronze BR-1's as my passive computer speakers. I'm not surprised they sound this good to about 140 hz or so (nothing a small Sub won't cure), where the Bass looks like it's reasonably flat on the graphs. Keep in mind with a single driver speaker, the money saved by omitting the Tweeter and X-over can go into a better single Driver. A single Driver Speaker has Definate Advantages over a 2-way and might yield better overal SQ in a low priced speaker where component quality may be comprimised.

Add to this the fact that you doing some of the assembly, and Marketing and other related costs would slash the price at least in half. IMO we would have to compare this to something like the 5 star rated Infinity Primus P163 or a host of other fine New speakers in the same price range. Which are around 2x the price of the Kit speakers alone. In that comparison then, while in terms of SQ/$, it may be good, It's not at all surprising. Don't get me wrong, I think you did good, and IMO many low priced speakers might indeed sound much better by tossing the Tweeter and X-over, and put that money into a better single driver.

In that respect, I don't see any New low priced single driver speakers out there, and might take a stab at one of these kits myself, or perhaps build from plans. What I find Interesting is my Realistic Sytem 7 Reciever has an EQ designed for the minimus 7's. It boost's the Bass at 100 hz by 7 db. I'll bet the fostex kit would sound great if you add 7 db of Bass to the Freq rsp Curve bringing usable Bass to about 85 hz from perhaps 140 hz now. Pretty much where it should be for a Decent, New much more expensive 2 way speaker. Click to expand.Heh, indeed Yes that is a pair of Altec Santiagos - sort of a Valencia clone with a sealed-box alignment and a different woofer. I actually like them better than the Valencias as they have rather more 'impactful' LF.

It was extremely nice of Botrytis to think of me when he saw them. Shall we tell 'em how much they cost?;-) Q2. Well, I didn't build 'em:-( but here's the scoop on them. They are really nice relative to my expectations and tastes (which is why they were the very first pair of loudspeakers that got to speak in the new hifi room when it came online. Before it was full of all the other crap I have.) Check the replies in both cases for more details on the BR cabinets. Their builder ('DaveJ' on AA, 'way back in the early 2000s) sold them to me for - truth be told - less than a new pair of the drivers cost at the time - because he remembered how much I'd liked them; an awfully nice thing for him to do. Fun lil' kit!

I'm pretty certain that FF105WK will have a much nicer midrange and high-range than a Minimus 7. I never kept a M7 plugged in for more than a few hours and sold them all. I currently own the smaller FF85WK and larger FF225WK and both sound quite good. I also have a predecessor in the FF125K. Download Split Second Velocity Psp Italy more.

Full Range Driver Speaker Kits

I almost got some FF125WK a while back, but decided to try something different and used a Tand Band. Have you heard of BSC - short for baffle-step compensation? It might really help these little guys sound fuller, as there seems to be nothing to take care of it in the kit. Line-level BSC: Speaker-level BSC: I have no real clue as to what the various suffices on Fostex drivers mean. The series-designation prefix stays the same usually (FE, FF), but updates will usually add letters to the suffix, FExxE ->FExxEn, FFxxK ->FFxxWK.

We are a small business supplying Mark Audio full range speakers drivers and specialise in flat pack speaker kits and custom speaker design. This package includes one of our most popular driver and knock-down enclosure combinations. With 2 Dayton Audio ND91-4 aluminum cone full range drivers and a.