Free Download Rejoice The Emotions Rar Programs For Mac

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Free Download Rejoice The Emotions Rar Programs For Mac

Join This Group – AMAZING Things Will Happen! Any group that attests to having some fantastic feature appear on your account upon joining is a scam.

That’s right folks, there is no “profile tracker” or “dislike button” to be had, only links to ad-farms and registration forms that spam your email address. The golden rule here is if it looks too good to be true – then it’s definitely not genuine. You won’t be getting a free iPod by filling out that survey, simply providing someone else with your data that can then be used for unsolicited contact. It could be a grammatical nightmare constructed by a 15 year old girl or a well thought out attempt to get some clicks; either way – don’t join. Fakebook Connect Facebook’s useful cross-site login feature called Connect is also a fond target for scammers.

Personally I always register separate accounts for this very reason – but I’m probably just paranoid. Fake “Connect with Facebook” windows are likely to catch a considerable amount of users out – and once you’ve entered that oh-so-important email and password combination then there’s not much you can do. If you think you’ve fallen foul to a Facebook Connect scam then you should immediately. Reel Big Phishing Phishing is the name given to the act of gaining a user’s login information by deceit, such as imitating a commonly used service. Facebook is the web’s favourite timewaster, and despite browser advancements that now warn of known dishonest websites, is still used to reel in unsuspecting victims. Many who use this technique are turning to URL shortening services to mask the fake web address.

You can avoid all phishing scams by taking extra care to check the web address you are visiting in your browser’s address bar. Also avoid any “totally shocking” videos that direct you to applications in order to deliver some unmissable content.

Don’t forget if you see something like or then you know you’re being scammed. Off-Site Malware I touched on this in my rant about Facebook – there are an increasing amount of websites establishing themselves as aggregated “Like” lists. It’s a chance for the masses to congregate and decide that “Justin Bieber is a legend!” and rejoice at the 25,000 Likes and counting. I’ve noticed a lot of these sites can throw up a warning in Chrome, which isn’t exactly surprising.

Some (but not all) of these sites are simply cashing in on the popularity of Facebook, and preying on a target audience that is often more interested in Saturday morning television than and. If you’ve got a bad case of children and Internet Explorer syndrome then make sure you run regular virus scans and educate your sprogs about the virtues of personal data and computer welfare. Conclusion Facebook is another of those things that can be exploited for some sort of personal gain. Keep your eyes peeled when you’re sharing your data with other services, and don’t be hasty when there’s money involved. Oh, and if you notice one of your friends’ accounts looks compromised – maybe pick up that phone, like in the good ole’ days, and let them know.