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Getting Started Special Note: A new software package for the FlySky CT6-A radio has been created by Stephano Grassi named “Digital Radio” which is very easy to use and has additional functionality. All of the setting information contained in this manual can also be used with that software package. You can download the Digital Radio package from Start the application, and plug your (already installed and configured USB interface) cable into the back of the transmitter. Turn on the transmitter. There are four sections to the main screen (Fig 1).

• At the top is a graphical signal chart that represents the six signals this radio provides. • Next section is the Software options (System Option)• Next section is the Signal configuration section (System Setting)• Last section is the Switch configuration settings (Switch Program) Each of these sections and individual options will be described in detail. Connect the Radio to the Software Fig 2 Verify that your radio is communicating with the software. Not Communicating Is Communicating Fig 3 If your radio is not communicating to the software, you need to click the Settings button in the System Option section. This will display a serial port selection dialog where you can pick the serial port your computer assigned to the USB cable.

12 results for 'flysky i6 cable'. Flysky SM100 USB Flight Simulator Adapter Cable for Flysky Transmitter FS-i10, FS-i6, FS-i4, FS-TH9X. Computer Cable Adapters. FlySky Data Cable Download Line Compatible with FS-i6 FS-T6 T6 i6 Transmitter. 5.0 out of 5 stars 5. Flysky Line Data Cable Connection to Download the Firmware Upgrade Applies for FS-T6 FS-I6 3.2 out of 5 stars 8. FrSky Taranis X9D Plus 16-channel 2.4ghz ACCST Radio Transmitter (Mode 2).

Typically this will not be the first COM port, as any other installed computer serial ports will consume COM1 and COM2. The Fly-Sky cable that comes with your radio is a USB to Serial converter. There are two models of this cable, and they are not marked. Some use the Prolific USB Chip, and the later versions use a Silicon Labs Chip.

Flysky Computer Transmitter Software

See for links to the drivers. Fig 4 If you do not know the correct serial port, try all of them until your graphic signal chart displays with bars (Fig. Wiggle the control sticks on the radio to confirm the radio is communicating (Fig.3). The bars will change if communications has been established. *Note: It is a required to click the Get User button after establishing communications with the radio.

This forces the T6Config.exe software to clear its memory and read the real settings from the radio back into the software. Failure to do this may cause issues or loss of configuration information when you make changes or save the information to a file.

The T6Config setup memory contains 67 bytes of binary information. The Get User button replaces the software's 67 bytes of data with what it reads from the radio.

If you do not use the Get User button immediately after you begin communicating with the radio, and you make some minor change, that change along with whatever the software has in its own 67 byte package is immediately sent to the radio replacing whatever it originally had stored. At this point, you have learned how to connect your radio to the software, and force the software to read the settings in your radio. Before moving on to the System Settings section, lets review the remaining three buttons in this section. • Help button – typically just shows the vendor's logo and any additional information the vendor would like to display to you.• Save button – is used to save the radio settings to a file for later use. Use this option frequently (preferably changing names incrementally) so that if you mess something up, you can reload the settings back into your radio. Note: This action saves the values currently in memory of the software not the radio itself. Before saving, it is a good practice to click the Get User button to force the radio settings back into the software before saving to a file.

• Create a directory on your hard-drive for these setting files. Keep them in one place. If you have multiple aircraft models, then either name the files according to that model with some incrementing value or other indication as to what that file is for.• The dialog box allows you to select an existing file, or create a new file. The “Open” button on this dialog is used to save the file. The author of the program decided to use the “Open” terminology instead of using the typical “OK” or “SAVE“ terminology for this button.• Open button – is used to re-load a previously saved configuration file from the hard-drive and load it into the software and radio.

Note: The settings in the file are immediately passed into the radio overwriting all configuration settings. At this point, you have learned how to save and load configuration settings from files on your hard-drive.

About FlySky FlySky is a remote control model company that specializes in creating RC transmitters for every need including RC cars, RC helicopters, and RC airplines. FlySky is known for its state-of-the-art performance digital radio control systems that focus on functionality and ease of use. Getting Started The first step in using a FlySky transmitter for a remote control helicopter is to acquire the appropriate materials. To program the transmitter and ensure that it is working, make sure that your transmitter is compatible with your receivers before purchase. A popular option for first-time fliers is the, a 6 channel transmitter with many entry level functions. Materials • • • • FlySky Transmitter Features The next part of the process involves familiarizing yourself with the features of the FlySky transmitter.

Despite its reasonable price tag, the transmitter is full of features usually seen on devices that are more expensive. These features include 8 PPM (Pulse Position Modulation) and 9 PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) channels, a large LCD screen for enhanced functionality, and support for gliders and as well as. The menus are simple to navigate thanks to the screen, which makes the task of programming the transmitter less of a hassle. FlySky transmitters can also save the input data for eight different fliers making it a great option for those that have a large fleet or collection of planes and devices.

Getting Comfortable With the FlySky Transmitter Once you have a handle on the features on your FlySky transmitter, you can explore more of the physical operations available on the device. It is necessary to be familiar with the controls both to program the transmitter and to check that the transmitter is working properly. The controls on the FlySky transmitter are similar to those on all popular remote controls.

There are switches that control rate of climb, gear, training modes, and flight modes. These switches are located on the front of the device. The transmitter also has the standard three knobs that control the flaps, hover, and pitch. Setting Up the Receivers The first step of programming the transmitter involves setting up the receivers. Set up the receivers by putting their respective blind plugs in. Note that each receiver should have come with its own plug. Once you have inserted the blind plugs into the receiver, power on the transmitter while holding the blind button.

You can also make sure the receivers are working during flight-testing. Trial and Error You can now fly your helicopter and program the controls to your liking. The pitch and hover controls will need to be adjusted for your particular model of helicopter and to suit your personal preferences. The best method to program the controls is through trial and error. If you notice your helicopter flying erratically or not maneuvering as precisely as you'd like, tweak the transmitter slightly and note any differences in its trajectory.

Keep the Correct Programming There are several steps you can take to ensure that your FlySky transmitter stays programmed correctly. Make sure to switch the profile on the transmitter if you are flying a different machine as it is easy to mix up the profiles for the different machines. Double check that you are using the correct profile when you turn on the transmitter.

The profile in use will be displayed on the transmitter's screen. Rld Avatar Keygen V1 01 Rar Download. Switch them with the button immediately above the screen. Only turn on your flyer when you have the correct profile locked in. How to Buy a FlySky Transmitter on eBay eBay has a great selection of FlySky transmitters at reasonable prices. To buy one, first go to the section. Next, click on the subcategory.

Finally, select RC Engines, Parts, & Accs. Filter the search results as you see fit. It may be easier to search directly for FlySky transmitters.