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Flux Eye Protection Software Free DownloadFlux Eye Protection Software Free Download

Contents • • • • • • Compatibility [ ] The program is available for, and. It is also available for devices, although it requires the device to be. Has not allowed the application in its, due to its use of restricted developer tools. The developer briefly hosted an project on, allowing users to the application onto their devices, but retracted it at the request of Apple. Following Apple's announcement of a similar function, called, in iOS 9.3, the developer has called upon Apple to provide developer tools and to allow their application into the App Store.

A preview version for Android is available. Functionality [ ]. Photo depicting the 'darkroom mode'.

Upon installation, the user can choose a location based on, a or the name of a location. The program then automatically calibrates the device display's to the time of the day, based on and at the chosen location. At sunset, it will gradually change the color temperature to a warmer color and restore the original color at sunrise. The user can choose from a variety of color profiles and pre-defined temperature values. They can also modify the behavior of the program for specific programs or activities, including a mode for watching films which decreases the red tinge for 2.5 hours, and a darkroom mode that does not affect night-adapted vision. The times can be inverted on f.lux for PC to provide warm lighting during the daytime (for people who work at night).

The program can control, so that the color temperature of house lights follows f.lux's settings. Efficacy [ ] f.lux proponents hypothesize that altering the color temperature of a display to reduce the prominence of white–blue light at night will improve the effectiveness of sleep. Reducing exposure to blue light at night time has been linked to increased secretion.

Although the developer provides a list of relevant research on their website, the program itself has not been scientifically tested to determine its efficacy. In spite of this, f.lux has been widely and positively reviewed by, bloggers, and users. See also [ ] • • • • References [ ]. Retrieved January 15, 2016. • ^ Zukerman, Erez (October 31, 2013)... Retrieved 3 March 2015.

• ^ Tanous, Jim (October 15, 2014).. Retrieved January 15, 2016. • ^ Hoffman, Chris (October 23, 2014).. Retrieved January 15, 2016. • Hern, Alex (January 12, 2016)...

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Retrieved September 21, 2016. Retrieved 31 October 2016.

Retrieved 31 October 2016. • Takeshi, Morita; Hiromi, Tokura (1996). 'Effects of Lights of Different Color Temperature on the Nocturnal Changes in Core Temperature and Melatonin in Humans'. Journal of Physiological Anthropology.

15 (5): 243–6.. Download Tpkd Driver Pro Tools. External links [ ] • •: how filtering out blue light from screens improves sleep quality.