Enterprise Architect 10 Serial

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UML tools for software development and modelling. Global firms own licenses of Enterprise Architect. There are over 2. American government departments.

• An Add-In product license (such as for MDG Link for Eclipse or MDG Link for Visual Studio.NET). Shared Keys Shared keys are obtained from a central shared key store, to give you temporary access to the installed 'suite' edition of Enterprise Architect. Shared Keys are available with the purchase of a floating license, and require Enterprise Architect version 4.51 or higher. Shared Keys require a shared license key store to be configured by your license administrator; the key store can be either file-based or network based (preferred). Only the Key Administrator is required to install the Sparx Enterprise Key Store application; end users simply connect to the configured key file - advised by the administrator - as described below.

Enterprise Architect 10 Serial

No additional software is required to be installed.. Notes on Keys Some license keys can override and remove others.

• In the Server Address field, type the server address of the keystore. 6 If necessary, type in the password (advised by your administrator) and/or click on the Test button to ensure that you have a connection to the keystore. 7 Click on the OK button to return to the Get Shared Key tab. This now shows the name of the keystore in the Shared Keystore field.

8 In the Select a Product field, click on the appropriate product name. 9 Click on the OK button. The License Management dialog redisplays, indicating that the shared key is registered for the selected product until the key expiry date. Augusto Pieroni Leggere La Fotografia Pdf To Jpg.

10 Click on the Close button.