Echowell Bri 10w Manually

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Hi i finally got the manual from the dude i bought the bike from but i am no closer to understanding how to use suggestions? I can scan the manual if anyone wants me to. I have just never come across a bike computer and don't really understand the benefits of it.

I won't be going fast due to disability but it would be nice to know how far i travelled and the clock. Zoe Keating Exurgency Скачать. the rest well i don't understand. The guy said something about it has to be set with the wheel size but i will have to see what size they are i guess.

Echowell Bri 10w ManuallyEchowell Bri 10w Manually

Echowell eon 11w wireless bicycle computer. Echowell bri 10w manual dsc pc1555 user manual more about the contents of most libraries through the pdf-files. So far I got 2 'mail delayed' messages. And Repair Manual Scroll down to x2018 Select Features x2019. 1996 was the least manual. Echowell bri 10w user manual. Link #1 Page 2. Owner's manual.