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Thrash Beyond Death 04:20 2. Unfinished Business 3. Buried Alive 4.

Red All Over 5. Lockjaw 04:27 7. Buried Alive 02:41 8. Blood For Blood 04:09 9.

Feel You Die 11. Buried Alive 12. Heart Of The Darkness 13. A Time To Slay 14. Possessed By Thrash 15.

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Deathrash Thrash Beyond Death Rar - Download Free AppsDeathrash Thrash Beyond Death Rar - Download Free Apps

Blood For Blood Line-up/Musicians n/a About this release Best of/Compilation, unknown, November 2006 Tracks 1-5: Thrash Beyond Death Tracks 6-8: 'Faces of Death' demo 1986 Tracks 9-15: Live from CBGB'S 8/10/86 Re-released in jan. 2010 on cd format. Thanks to for the addition DEATHRASH MP3, Free Download/Stream.

Thrash Metal Musical genre which is called Thrash Metal consists out of powerful energy, aggressive sound and rhythm. This genre includes heavy riffs of bass and guitar, 'infernal' and triton momentums, as well as the sudden changes of pace from medium to a very fast and some deformation of sound of the rhythm parts by muting the strings vibration with palm of the hand. Due to the fast speed of the guitar solo, musicians can achieve a unique ' thrashy ' sound, while using different techniques such as sweep, legato, tapping with both hands and passing of the strings. A distinctive feature of drummers who are playing Thrash Metal is application of the rhythmical 'machine-gun' style of performance sometimes even by using two bass barrels at the same time. That is why the name of the style was chosen.

Vocals in Thrash Metal can consist out of a different ways of performing. Often sharp irritable scream is used and sometimes we can hear a low, manly voice, performed in a clean manner. Theme of the lyrics usually geared towards vast variety of negative feelings, such as wars, violence, hatred, craziness, death and suicide. Thrash Metal was formed in the first part of the 80s and was considered something simpler then Speed Metal and more aggressive and heavy then Heavy Metal. Pioneers of the genre and sort of creators are considered American musicians, who could make new aggressive style out of English Heavy Metal. Founders of the genre are Metallica band who in 1983 produced an album called ' Kill 'em All'. Followed by the band called Megadeth created by the former Metallica member guitarist Dave Mustaine, and other bands such as ), Exodus, Anthrax, Slayer, Overkill.

Also new bands started to form outside USA; amongst them were Kreator, Sepultuta, Annihilator, Sodom. And by the end of the 80s musical genre called Thrash Metal became very popular around the world. However by the middle of the 90s original Thrash Metal was performed very rare. A lot of bands started to soften their sound and experiment with new genres thus enriching the music with new and interesting ideas. You can download albums of Industrial Metal bands free on our website!