Black Ops Zombie Mods Xbox 360 Usb Download

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I will show u how to get and use call of duty black ops 2 usb mod menu for Xbox and ps3. Vsam Files In Informatica Corporation. The mods are undetected and easy to download. Undetected means you cant get banned using them! Download the hacks on: The mods for Black Ops 2 are just amazing they have so mutch feutures. The hacks work online but the also function perfect for call of duty Bo 2 Zombies! With these mods you can also host infections.

These Usb vip Hacks are amazing, thanks to all the people who worked hard to make them Perfect, and made them free and easy to download! Features: Main Menu Weapon Menu Host Menu Players Menu All Players Menu Models Menu Vision Menu Lobby Settings Account Menu Some of the features are: Aimbot, godmode, ufomode, no clip, infiniete ammo, no reload, speed hack, weapon colour, camo change, wall hack and many many more.

The mods are very easy to use a video is included in the download where we explain step by step how you can setup your own mods. Do you still run into a problem feel free to contact us on the contact page on the website, we will response within the next 24 hours. Thanks for using our mods, have fun!

Black Ops Zombie Mods Xbox 360 Usb DownloadBlack Ops Zombie Mods Xbox 360 Usb Download

Ok, with this profile you can play Black Ops Zombie mode with God Mode, unlimited ammo etc. Here is how to. Copy the E00001835ABC7612 folder & it contents with usbxtaf to a Xbox 360 formatted usb stick. Update: Every time you quit the game or go to the dashboard the mods will stop working.