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About Foundations San Diego Foundations San Diego is a distinctive outpatient center located in the hub of the Hillcrest metropolitan area in San Diego, Calif. We offer integrated treatment and recovery support for the unique needs of individuals with co-occurring addiction and mental health concerns. We serve patients both locally and nationwide.

We offer a continuum of individual and group therapies, integrated educational sessions, case management, medication management and holistic approaches. Employing Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and other proven methods, we walk with patients using a stages-of-change approach, providing education and helping them achieve their personal goals in recovery.

Our daytime program includes Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient levels of care, and we offer community-based yoga in the evenings. We also provide aftercare groups in the evening that are free for life to all who have attended the program. Foundations San Diego embraces diversity and the uniqueness of the individual. We have specialty groups offering supportive therapy to the LGBT community, professionals and people of all backgrounds and cultures.

We foster a safe, compassionate and restorative environment where you are encouraged to be your authentic self. Our philosophy is that whoever you may be, you have a place at Foundations San Diego. Foundations San Diego Outpatient Brochure Download the Foundations San Diego Outpatient brochure to learn more about the facility and treatment programs.

Amethyst Foundations Recovery

Residential Rehabilitation Options For those needing a higher level of care, FRN provides residential treatment at Michael’s House in Palm Springs, Calif., and The Canyon at Peace Park in Malibu, Calif. At Michael’s House, curriculum for the men’s program focuses on developing a strength-based skill set, while the women’s program focuses on resiliency. Michael’s House is LGBT-friendly, with an LGBT track comprised of a process group and supportive therapy. The Canyon at Peace Park is a sanctuary of healing that combines holistic therapies and innovative approaches for a distinguished treatment experience. It has long been known as a center of spirituality, healing and renewal. Find out more about residential treatment at or today.

Clinical Program • Motivational Interviewing using a stages-of-change approach • Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy • Physician-directed medication management • Case management • Specialty and process groups, meeting the needs of a diverse population (LGBT, seniors, young professionals, etc.) • Educational groups on DBT, life skills, stress management, anger management, relapse prevention, trauma, relationships, medication management • Recovery planning for relapse prevention and long-term success. Melissa Stevenson is the director of outpatient services at Foundations San Diego. Melissa began her career in San Diego working with homeless veterans suffering from addiction and mental illness. Since that time, she has honed her skills in working with couples, families and groups with the goal of fostering health and recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental illnesses. She has extensive experience in working with those who are suffering from trauma, psychosis, depression, anxiety and addiction.

New rehabs covered are Michael's House, a Foundations Recovery Network facility in Palm Springs, Calif.; Sure Haven, a women-only rehab in Costa Mesa, Calif.; Recovery Road, a men-only center in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.; The Retreat, an affordable rehab just west of Minneapolis; and New Method.

She has worked in both for profit and non-profit mental health programs. Melissa has been a program director for a therapeutic community in San Diego as well as an associate director for evidence-based programs in three counties in the Bay Area. Download Lagu Sayang Apa Kabar Denganmu Shae. She holds the belief that recovery is possible and has dedicated her life to working with others who share a similar philosophy. Melissa was drawn to Foundations Recovery Network due to the emphasis on opportunity to heal the soul, mind and body at the same time.

She has a strong commitment to supporting those around her to find healing from trauma, anxiety, depression and addiction. Melissa is a native to California. She grew up in northern California on a ranch riding horses and participating in 4-H. She moved down to San Diego for college after earning a full ride basketball scholarship. She finds peace in nature and has recently become very interested in nature photography. Finding new spots to take pictures has become a way for Melissa to stay grounded while finding adventure at the same time.